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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Music: Kitty Cash & SZA – ‘Moodring’.

Love the Free II
TDE’s First Lady SZA joins DJ Kitty Kash on “Moodring,” the first single off Love the Free II, the sequel to Kash’s 2013 mixtape. The ethereal cut, produced by Felix Snow, features SZA’s tranquil vocals over a soothing beat.
“I wrote ‘Moodring’ the night I opened for Coldplay,” SZA told Billboard. “I hadn’t slept in two and half days due to anxiety. After the show, I drank every bottle of champagne Chris Martin [and] the band gave us that night, with Thundercat and my band. Great fucking time.”
Due July 22, Love the Free II also features Dev Hynes, Yuna, Rainy Milo, Empress Of, and more.

Oh Shoot, She’s Still Around?! Lil Wayne Spends The Holiday With Dhea & Her Family!

Dhea x Lil Wayne 4th of July 2014
Well this is an interesting turn of events! Despite Wayne being photographed in the last few months getting close with women that aren’t his fianceé Dhea Sodano, it seems the two are still very much on! Spotted together for the first time since Christmas, the pair were seen in Arizona over the 4th of July weekend, dining with her family and looking quite happy. Also to be noted – the ring remains on her finger! Is this girl just turning a blind eye to the Christina’s, the Candace’s, the Superhead’s? Guess so! They’re rumored to be marrying in February of 2015, 3 years after the engagement. Let’s see if it goes down!Dhea x Lil Wayne 4th of July 2014

Tran’s Manager Says She & Chris Brown Are Still Together.

Lady hopefuls, sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown did not break up. Yesterday, the world went slightly off balance after Chris and Karrueche deleted photos of each from social media sites and posted words of what could have been taken to mean – heartbreak. According to Tran’s manager Jacob York, those assumptions were just that.
Chris_Karrueche_Together_ifwt 2

Oh My! Is This “Model” Rick Ross’ New Girlfriend?! Sure Looks Like It!

Paige Imani x Rick Ross
Looks like Rick Ross has a new flavor of the week. Whether she’s his “girlfriend” or just something fun for the moment remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – something is definitely up between Rozay and Miami “model” Paige Imani. (I use the term model quite loosely here, as she hasn’t really done much other than posed with her BFF Kaylin Garcia in a few random photo shoots. She’s cute though!) Taking to Instagram over the holiday weekend, Paige shared a few shots touching tongues with the Miami rapper, followed by a post the next day showing off the MMG chain he’d gifted her with (above.) “A little present,” Paige wrote with the photo, as Ross held up the necklace for the shot. “Now he says I’m official.” Hmm! Check out the pics and their corresponding captions in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!Paige ImaniPaige ImaniRick Ross New Girlfriend Paige Imani 6Rick Ross New Girlfriend Paige Imani 2

Karrueche Doesn’t Seem To Be Affected By All The Drama!

Karrueche IG
Upon Chris Brown’s release from prison early last month, he and on-again/off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran became inseparable, seemingly closer than ever after enduring such a storm together. As a refreshing change, Breezy was sharing multiple photos of his “real one” on Instagram, proud to show her off to the world. They were together up through 4th of July, sharing pics on their respective pages and having fun, but something switched that up and just like that, all traces of their relationship were gone from social media, prompting “breakup” rumors (of which Kae’s manager currently is denying.) Despite all the drama or whatever it may be, Karrueche is smiling through it and seemingly not letting it affect her! In the past couple of days, the Vietnamese beauty has kicked it in the club and poolside with her bestie Christina Milian, and even stopped by a major media outlet for “work.” Hmm! Check out her pics in the gallery.Karrueche IG
 Karrueche IG

Mila Kunis Covers ‘W’ Magazine

Mila opens up about fiance, Ashton Kutcher.
On going to the ‘prom’ with Kutcher:
“And when ‘That ’70s Show’ had a prom, my date for the prom turned out to be my fiancé. We can honestly say that we went to prom together! Although I do think that in that episode I went home with someone else. We don’t talk about that part.”
On the downside of being with another celebrity:
“Every day and every night, the paparazzi are parked outside my house. Today, I had to drive through the Warner Bros. back lot on my way here, just to throw them off. They want a shot of my stomach because they need proof of my pregnancy. I don’t know why they even bother—they’ve been saying I’m pregnant for years. Now they’re right, so they won’t leave me alone.”
On how That 70s Show helped build her confidence:
“I went through puberty on television! I grew five inches while I was on that show, and I had so many different eyebrow shapes! I went through everything embarrassing that a girl can go through in front of my fiancé. There’s no question that he’s seen the worst. I find that comforting.”
On how she wants to do her wedding: 
“I never wanted to get married. From the age of 12, I prepared my parents for no marriage. Then things changed—I found the love of my life. Now my theory on weddings is: Don’t invite anyone. Do it privately and secretly. My parents are okay with that. They’re just excited that I said yes.”


Competition. I'm Really The Greatest Of All Time". Says He Created The BET Hip Hop Awards [Video]

Video After The Jump
When Dave Chappelle took a break from doing stand-up and walked away from Chappelle's Show in 2006, Katt Williams stepped in and looked like he would be the man for a long time until he started to have myriad of problems on and off stage. A void was created that Kevin Hart filled.
Hart has now become the biggest comedian on the planet with sold out shows from coast to coast and countless movie appearances. 
In Katt's mind he helped Hart's ascension and can reclaim his spot whenever he's ready.

"I went off the grid, " Katt told Bishop Don "Magic" Juan during a recent interview. "We understood when we did that, that was the potential of what may happen. The only question is who was gon' benefit from that? And so if some outside entity or some enemy of mine or somebody I had a threat with was the person pretending to be the king then that's what it would be. But it was only gonna be Kevin Hart. And I told Kevin Hart's people how to make Kevin Hart. Because I don't mind competition, I'm really the greatest of all time. So I can build you to fight me boy, boy. You don't want it."
Katt also says he created the BET Hip Hop Awards and gets paid no matter who hosts the event. However, he won't attend as long as Stephen Hill is the President of Music Programming and Specials.

Meek Mill Calls Out Wale: ‘He’s Been Hating On Me’

Meek Mill and Wale
There’s a rift in the Maybach Music camp. Meek Mill has publicly called out Wale for hating on him.

The Philly rapper took to Twitter to put his labelmate on blast. He’s upset that Wale did not tweet about his upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money, but says this is only the latest in a history of hate.
“Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG,” tweeted Meek.
He doesn’t want anyone calling him to make amends either. “Everybody can see it! None of y’all dudes don’t call me text me nothing it is what it is!” he continued. “I don’t really want no suckas in arm reach of me…. My hands might lose control! That’s how I’m rocking.”
He continued, “I don’t need no support…It’s about a lot of these dudes really b hating behind closed doors..All these guys that’s on the rap scene kno.”
Wale has yet to respond to Meek’s accusations. The MMG rappers have collaborated several times in the past on their solo albums as well as the Self Made compilations.
Just yesterday, Meek announced a September 9 release date for his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money, while Wale is readying The Album About Nothing.
Meek Mill Tweets


Video: Majid Jordan – ‘A Place Like This’

Majid Jordan
After scoring a top 5 hit with Drake on “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” OVO Sound’s Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, better known as Majid Jordan, unleash the title track from their upcoming project A Place Like This.
The 5-track EP will be released on July 22 via OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records and is now available for pre-order on iTunes.
The singer/producer duo, who met at the University of Toronto, are best known for their collaboration with their label boss and also contributed to Beyoncé’s “Mine.”
In August 2012, they released their 8-track EP afterhours under the name Good People featuring the tracks “Hold Tight” and “Give Me A Reason (For Lovin’ You).”
Watch the video for “A Place Like This” below.

Gone Girl (Movie Trailer) Starring Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris & Rosamund Pike

Ben Affleck stars in the upcoming thriller Gone Girl. The cast also includes Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike.
With Nick Dunne's (Affleck) wife Amy Dunne's (Pike) disappearance  having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent.
The film is directed by David Fincher and opens nationwide October 3rd.

Video: B.o.B – ‘Mission Statement’

In just two days, B.o.B will release his mixtape No Genre Pt. 2. But first, he preaches to the people in the video for “Mission Statement.” Clad in a white shirt and tie, the Atlanta rapper takes the podium and delivers his sermon as bikini-clad women stand alongside him toting guns.
A shirtless B.o.B also rides down the street while strapped into a chair, calling out the fakes (“These ni**as ain’t makin’ the numbers they make”) and declaring his holy status (“I’m like Jesus on the microphone / I make vodka from water”).
No Genre Pt. 2 also features collaborations with Mila J and Sevyn Streeter, who appears on a cover of “Swing My Way.”

[New Video] Jazmine Sullivan Featuring Meek Mill – ‘Dumb’.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.39.18 AM
Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.36.50 AM

Remember that show Cheaters where the host would spy on people’s significant others and bring them along to some sleazy motel room or parking lot to expose their dirty, cheating boyfriend or girlfriend in the act? Well, instead of shooting a conventional kicking-my-man-to-the-curb video where she could have looked boss while throwing her man’s stuff out of a window or perhaps even a moving car, Jazmine Sullivan takes the backseat in her new video in order to portray a funny series of relationship drama between puppets and humans on her own version of the show called Dumb.
As the show’s host sneaks up on cheating husbands, Jazmine sings from a computer screen, and Meek Mill shows up to spit his verse. Things get weird at the end of the video, though, when Jazmine comes home to find her man in …
Ah, Nevermind. No need to ruin it with a link below