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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Competition. I'm Really The Greatest Of All Time". Says He Created The BET Hip Hop Awards [Video]

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When Dave Chappelle took a break from doing stand-up and walked away from Chappelle's Show in 2006, Katt Williams stepped in and looked like he would be the man for a long time until he started to have myriad of problems on and off stage. A void was created that Kevin Hart filled.
Hart has now become the biggest comedian on the planet with sold out shows from coast to coast and countless movie appearances. 
In Katt's mind he helped Hart's ascension and can reclaim his spot whenever he's ready.

"I went off the grid, " Katt told Bishop Don "Magic" Juan during a recent interview. "We understood when we did that, that was the potential of what may happen. The only question is who was gon' benefit from that? And so if some outside entity or some enemy of mine or somebody I had a threat with was the person pretending to be the king then that's what it would be. But it was only gonna be Kevin Hart. And I told Kevin Hart's people how to make Kevin Hart. Because I don't mind competition, I'm really the greatest of all time. So I can build you to fight me boy, boy. You don't want it."
Katt also says he created the BET Hip Hop Awards and gets paid no matter who hosts the event. However, he won't attend as long as Stephen Hill is the President of Music Programming and Specials.

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