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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Mwimbaji wa nyimbo za injili toka nchini Nigeria  ajulikanaye  kwa  jina  la  Maheeda  amejikuta  akitengwa  na  kanisa  baada  ya  picha  zake  za  uchi  kuvuja….
Taarifa  zinadai  kwamba kabla  ya  kuanza  kuimba  nyimbo  za  dini, mrembo  huyo  alikuwa  akijihusisha  na  mziki  wa  kidunia ambao  kwa  tanzania  unajulikana  kwa  jina  la  Bongo Fleva.


17 year old Katharine is currently a student with ambitions of furthering her education at university in the fields of Law or Business. Katherine describes herself as “A happy, down to earth 17 year old girl, who feels extremely blessed to be representing her country”. Her interests include horse riding, swimming and photography. Katharine is also a trained dancer, proficient at ballet, tap and modern dance. Her favourite foods include steak and chocolate, and she enjoys listening to pop, rock and easy listening music.

In Her Own Words...


"Hello my name is Katherine Arnfield and I am honoured to represent the beautiful sub tropical island of Bermuda, located 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean.
I am presently studying Economics, English , Geography and Psychology at Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda, with the intention of entering University in England in September, 2014.
I enjoy dance, modelling and voluntary work. I have been modelling since the age of 15 and I have had the pleasure of being invited to "walk" at London Fashion Week on two occasions; It is such a thrill to show off a designer's creations.
This September, I can't wait to represent my island at the Miss World Contest In Indonesia!


 Idolly Saldivar - Miss World Belize 2013-2014
Idolly comes from Belize City in the heart of Belize. A “determined, hardworking individual... who strives for success” Idolly is a promotions team member with aspirations of a career in dentistry. She plans on moving to Costa Rica to achieve her goals. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, hiking, and softball and she likes to play the guitar. Idolly enjoys her native cuisine, she likes to read romance novels, and her preferred music is dancehall and salsa. 

In Her Own Words...


"As a youth ambassador, I am involved in making sure that young adults are educated about the effects, cause and preventions of HIV/AIDS in Belize. It is also my duty to work along with young women to uplift and empower them. As a beauty ambassador I feel it is my duty to get involved in my society and contribute to the betterment of my country Belize.
The personal motto is "Perseverance + determination = Success". I am 22yr old Idolly Saldivar proudly representing the Garden City, Belmopan, the capital of Belize."


Rosemary was born in the town of Maun, moving to the Kalahari desert village of Hukuntsi when she was 8. Currently enrolled in a degree in Accounting at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, she has aspirations of using her education to start her own business. Describing herself as “selfless, compassionate and strong”, her interests include photography, cycling, and she is currently learning to play the guitar. Rosemary also has ambitions of becoming an ambassador of goodwill who will make a positive impact in people’s lives.

In Her Own Words...

"My name is Rosemary Keofitlhetse and I will be proudly representing my beautiful country Botswana on the 63rd Miss World Pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am an accounting student and a part time property consultant. Strong, compassionate and selfless defines me. When I am not glued to subjects of environmental care, my community and charity projects or empowering other people, I am either reading, baby sitting, listening to country music, cycling, playing golf or shopping. Multi tasked I am indeed. Please send your love and do follow my adventures right here!".


Bow Wow and his daughter, Shai
Remember how shocked the world was to find out that Lil Bow Wow was a father?
It’s now two years later, and after some hiccups with his child’s mother, it looks as though Bow has embraced fatherhood in a major way. Earlier this week, he posted a pic of him with his baby girl along with the sweet message:
You will have the world and more. Your my ace your my lil Patna in crime. You are me. You have something i always wanted. A mom and dad to be there, unlike some kids your parents are young and fly wit it though haha.. Love you im your biggest fan! Love Daddy ps.. Im riding in the car just missing my daughter. #realdadsstandup
He also posted a pic of Shai puckering up to show off her lipstick and painted nails with the caption:
OMG what have i created.. Im blaming her momma @missjoie & my momma @teresabwmom hahaha
Bow Wow and his daughter, Shai 1
It’s so good to see Bow is getting along with his child’s mother and making it work for the sake of their kid.  On any given day, when he’s not posting up random vixens, he posts photos of Miss Joie (his child’s mother) while shouting her out with messages like:
Proud of ya! You doing ya thing and getting it the way you pose to be. My daughters mother is a beast in the gym! Ladies follow her and get inspired! @missjoie#wehustlingdifferent
Earlier this year on the OWN’s Oprah: Where Are They Now? series, Bow Wow also talked about fatherhood and what it’s been like working so far away from Shai.
Shai lives in Los Angeles and I’m in New York full-time. It’s so hard. I Skype with her, and I just wish I could reach in there and grab her little self and I can’t. I missed her first step ’cause I was in Australia on tour. I missed her first word. So for the times that I’m with her, I always try my best to just take full advantage of it.
I just want to make sure [my daughter is] able to do the things that I wasn’t able to do. I wasn’t able to go to school dances. I wasn’t able to try out for my basketball team because I was on the road…Now that I have a little me here it just pushes the envelope a little bit more. It just makes me want to continue to strive to be the best at what I do and just go harder.

...Nat Lotto - Look At Me (ft 50 Cent & Uncle Murda) [Official Music Video]...

  "America got a thing for this gangsta s***" 50 Cent teams up with Nat Lotto and Uncle Murda for "Look At Me." Off up coming mixtape, Hell & Paradise dropping soon. Featuring more smash hits with Precious Paris, 50 Cent, uncle Murda, & more For Special Guest Appearances bookings & shows etc


...Toni Braxton and Babyface Album Delayed Until 2014...

Love, Marriage & Divorce
Toni Braxton and Babyface have delayed their Love, Marriage & Divorce until next year. The R&B powerhouses have announced a new release date for their collaborative project.

The album was originally due November 25, but will now arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 4, it was announced by Motown Records.
It’s been 21 years since the Grammy-winning diva and legendary producer worked together on 1992’s “Give U My Heart” off the Boomerang soundtrack.
The album will be Babyface’s first new studio album in nearly seven years and Toni’s first new album since 2010’s Pulse.
“I think because Babyface and I have both gone through divorces, we can relate and we can collaborate together on this topic and make it so others who have gone through this situation can relate,” Toni told ESSENCE.
The project has already spawned the first single “Hurt You” as well as a video.
In the meantime, Toni will return to television for a fourth season of her reality showBraxton Family Values,” premiering November 14 on WE tv.

...Kanye West Previews New Song in San Jose (Video)...

As the Yeezus tour is moving full force across America, Kanye took the time to quickly preview a new track. Move to mark 2:45 in the video below. No title yet but it is rumored to be 'I Am Not Here'.

...Beyoncé Bungee Jumps Off Auckland Sky Tower [Video]...

Earlier this month, a brave Beyoncé bungee jumped off Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. Now she has posted video from her daring leap.
With adrenaline rushing through her body, the superstar singer puts on her blue-and-yellow jumpsuit and climbs to the top of the tower. She shows no signs of fear as she looks over the ledge, screaming as she plunges 192 meters (630 feet) with only a cable supporting her.
“This is awesome!” said Bey, who was still reveling in the moment. “This is so fun.”
Watch her make the big jump.

...Video: Ice Cube – ‘Sasquatch’...

Ice Cube
Just in time for Halloween, Ice Cube unleashes the terrifying video for “Sasquatch.” The hip-hop assassin chases down his female victims with a bloody machete in a haunted house in the horror film-inspired visuals.
“They call me Sasquatch/ Please check the watch/ This is Big Foot, don’t get it shook/ Out in Japan, they call me Godzilla/ Up in Africa, King Kong gorilla,” he raps.
While not a single, the song is meant to hold over Cube’s diehard fans as they await the release of his new album Everythang’s Corrupt in 2014.
Watch him bring the nightmare to life. 


Ajali mbaya imetokea eneo la bondeni, Mbezi Beach jijini Dar es Salaam baada ya daladala ya Mwenge Kariakoo kukosa break na kugonga magari mawili na bajaji mbili. Katika ajali hiyo mama mmoja amegongwa vibaya na amekimbizwa hospitali ya Lugalo kwa matibabu.

Hali haikuwa nzuri maana kila mmoja alikuwa katika hali ya taharuki.

Bajaji zikiwa zimegongwa vibaya.

...Diddy Twerks, Moonwalks, & Disco Dances on ‘Ellen’...

Diddy and Ellen
While promoting Revolt TV, Sean “Diddy” Combs stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday. To show the music network’s diversity, the hip-hop mogul had a dance off with Ellen.
With 45 seconds on the clock, he had to perform several dances including the moonwalk, cabbage patch, disco, hula, and even twerking.
“I just twerked for ya’ll. I lost a lot of street cred for doing that,” joked Puff.
While he officially goes by Diddy, he’s been feeling more like Puff Daddy these days. “I’ve been in a Puff Daddy spirit ’cause I’m launching this network and I had to go back to my roots of the aggression and the intensity and the relentlessness,” he told Ellen. “And that’s Puff Daddy. That’s a superhero.”


uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (39 of 133)Taasisi isiyo ya kiserikali ya Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF) inafanya kazi ya kuhamasisha, kuwezesha na kusaidia wasichana nchini kwa kuwaelimisha na kuwapa misingi ya kuwajenga kuwa kati ya watendaji wazuri wanaochangia katika shughuli za maendeleo ya jamii. 

Ili kufanikisha hayo, FMF inawadhamini wanafunzi wasichana kwa kuwalipia ada za shule, kuwanunulia sare za shule pamoja na misaada mingine mbali mbali yenye kumwezesha mwanafunzi kusoma vizuri kuanzia elimu ya msingi, upili na hatimaye kufikia kwenye taasisi mbali mbali za elimu ya juu. Malengo makuu ya Flaviana Matata Foundation ni pamoja na: 

 Kusaidia kuongeza idadi ya watoto wa kike wanaojiunga katika ngazi mbali mbali za elimu. 
 Kuhamasisha harakati za kutokomeza umasikini Tanzania kupitia miradi mbali mbali ya elimu.
 Kuhamasisha wasichana kujiendeleza kufikia elimu ya juu pamoja na elimu ya ufundi. 

 Kuwasaidia wanawake kujikwamua kiuchumi kupitia shughuli za kijasiriamali. Katika kufikia malengo hayo, Flaviana Matata Foundation inazindua mradi wake unaootambulika kama “FMF Stationeries Project” hapa Tanzania. Mradi huu unahusisha uuzaji na usambazaji wa vifaa vya shule (madaftari, kalamu za wino, kalamu za risasi, rula, mikebe n.k.) kwa mashirika, taasisi mbalimbali na watu binafsi. 

Tunataraji kutumia mapato yatakayopatikana kutokana na mradi huu katika kulipia ada, kununua sare za shule pamoja gharama nyingine zinazohusiana na kuwapatia elimu bora watoto wote ambao wapo chini ya Flaviana Matata Foundation pamoja na kufanya miradi mingine ya maendeleo inayohusiana na elimu. Kuhitimisha uzinduzi wa mradi huu, Flaviana Matata Foundation imeamua kuitembelea Shule ya Msingi Minazini iliyopo Mwananyamala wilaya ya Kinondoni, jijini Dar es Salaam na kutoa msaada wa madaftari, kalamu za wino na kalamu za risasi kwa wanafunzi wenye uhitaji ikiwa ni ishara ya mwanzo wa utendaji wa Tasisi kuelekea kufikia malengo ya mradi. FMF inaamini kwamba hii ni njia mojawapo ya kuwafikia Watanzania na kuwahamasisha kutoa misaada katika shughuli za kuendeleza elimu. Katika uzinduzi huu, Mwasisi wa taasisi ya Flaviana Matata Foundation Flaviana Matata ameambatana na wanamuziki pamoja na vijana wengine mashuhuri nchini ambao ni vioo katika jamii yetu. Dhumuni ni kuhamasiha vijana wengine kujitolea katika kusaidia shughuli zinazohusiana na maendeleo ya elimu na kupiga vita na kutokomeza umasikini.
uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (12 of 133)
Flaviana Matata akimkabidhi mwalimu mkuu msaidizi wa Shule ya Msingi ya Minazini,iliyopo Mwananyamala B, Fina Kiocho msaada wa madaftari,pen na pensel ambao utasaidia wanafunzi wasiona uwezo wanaosoma shuleni hapo.
uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (58 of 133)
Baadhi ya FMF Stationaries Project zikiwemo pen, penseli pamoja na madaftari makubwa na madogo ambayo yatakuwa yazalishwana Taasisi ya Flaviana Matata Foundations ambapo zaidi kutoa msaada pia kuna zitakazokuwa zinauzwa na pia Taasisi inakaribisha makampuni ambayo yanahitaji kutoa msaada wa vifaa vya shule kuwasiliana nao na nembo yao itawekwa kwenye vifaa hivyo uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (17 of 133)  uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (21 of 133)
Flaviana Matata akiongea na wanafunzi wa shule ya Mnazini akiwaambia wasome kwa bidii kwani alimu ndio kila kitu na kuwakumbusha kwa wale watoto wakike ambao watafaulu na wazazi hawatakuwa na uwezo FMF itasaidia kuwasomesha baadhi yao .uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (22 of 133)    uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (77 of 133)
wasanii pamoja na warembo mbalimbali walijitokeza kuunga mkono harakati hizo za Flaviana uzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (95 of 133)
Flaviana Matata akiwa sambamba na waliowahi kuvikwa taji la Miss Tanzania Nancy Sumari na Faraja Kokota na Miss Ilala Kisa Zimbauzinduzi waFMF stationaries project za flavianafoundationa (89 of 133)
Mwanamuziki Ommy Dimpoz alipata wasaa wakusaini kitabu cha wageni cha shule ya Minazini


Huddah Monroe is a lass that loves to court controversy. She loves to smash societal etiquete on the floor and trounce on it. And today she has something for you that should tease and tantalize you……
 She shared these new photos that show how she would look the morning after you bed her and wake up to find she has already taken a bath.


Rapper Ney Wa Mitego amesema kuwa hii picha hapo juu tukio hilo limetokea Jana wakati wana shoot video ya wimbo wake Unaofanya vizuri kwa sasa kwenye radio stations ' Salam Zao'.

Ney Wa Mitego Amesema ' Nikweli nilituwa sero jana baada ya raia wasio julikana kuleta fujo eneo la kazi yangu  kwasababu kulikuwa na waigizaji waliokuwa na sare za polisi. Watu hao sijuani nao na walijitambulisha kama askari na kutaka kujua kwanini natumia sare za polisi kwenye video yangu bila kibali. hicho ndio kitu kilichopelekea nikapelekwa polisi. 

Mitego ameendelea kusema kuwa baada ya kukaa sero kwa dakika kama 15 mkuu wa kituo alikuja na kusikiliza tatizo hilo na ndio aliachiwa huru baada ya kutoa maelezo kuhusu tukio hilo na sare hizo kuoneknaA uraiani. 

Ney aliwekwa sero Kwenye kituo cha polisi Urafiki kilichopo Manzese na wiki ijayo video hii itaonekana kwenye vituo vya televison Tanzania

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maryia VIALICHKA miss Belarus 2013 mrembo alieiwakilisha vema nchi yake mashindano ya dunia.

Maryia is currently enrolled in a 5 year degree of Veterinary Medicine at the Vitebsk State Academy. An animal lover, Maryia recently worked to save homeless animals in her home city as part of the ‘Take Me Home’ charity scheme. Her hobbies include playing chess, reading books on astrology, and listening to rock music. Her favourite food is Belarusian Cuisine. Maryia describes herself as an open and cheerful person, and her personal motto is “Never Give Up!”.

In Her Own Words...

I’m Maria Vialichka. I feel very proud and fortunate to be representing the Republic of Belarus, a country with a long history and a great culture. Belarus is a land of vast plains and picturesque hills, thick forests and green meadows, deep blue lakes and flowing rivers. I was born in the small beautiful festival city Vitebsk.
I’m 22 years old. I am a doctor of veterinary medicine. My profession spiritually enriches a person, gives a sense of kindness, love and care. I’m interested in astrology, my hobby is hand-made. I very love my family and friends. I believe in myself and I know that world gives a road for those who know where he is going."

Miss Belgium 2013 Noémie HAPPART aliwakilisha vema nchi yake mashindano ya dunia

Noémie was born in the town of Rocourt. Growing up in nearby Grace – Hollande, she describes herself as “a smiley dynamic girl… who lives life to the fullest.” Through working as Miss Belgium, Noemie has aspirations of continuing a life in the public eye, with a role as a television presenter. Her hobbies include dancing and jogging, and her favourite foods include salads and Asian cuisine. She begins a degree in Psychology later this year. 

Kat Dahlia kupiga colabo na Navio

Msanii mwenye uwezo mkubwa na wa kipekee wa kurap kutoka nchini Uganda, Navio ameendelea kuchana mawimbi katika gemu, na hii ni baada ya kufanya kolabo nyingine na msanii Kat Dalhia kutoka Marekani.
Kolabo hii kali ni katika kazi ya mwanadada Kat ambayo inakwenda kwa jina Clock Strikes 12 ambayo itakuwepo katika album yake ambayo itatoka hivi karibuni, Album ambayo itasimama kwa jina My Garden.

Kazi hii mpya inatarajia kupanua zaidi wigo wa mashabiki wa msanii Navio kutoka Uganda hasa kutokana na idadi kubwa ya watu ambao wanafuatilia kazi za mwanadada Kat kutoka sehemu mbalimbali duniani.

 Kama humkumbuki vema tizama moja ya nyimbo zake ambayo mimi Metty naikubali sana.


clip_image001[6]Hii ni shule ya kwanza inayotambulika rasmi Duniani kwa kutoa mafunzo ya ngono, ikifunza aina za mitindo ya kufanya ngono na namna ya kumuhudumia mwenza kwa mbinu mbalimbali.
Kwenye kila darasa katika kila shule mara zote hutokea kuwepo kwa mtoto ambaye huwa hafanya homework zake. Ndio maana ake, mpaka ilipokuja kutokea kufunguliwa kwa milango ya chuo hicho kilichopo Austria kwenye jiji la Vienna kinachojulikana kwa jina la Austrian International Séx School.

Shule hiyo hutoza £1,400 kwa temu moja, huku kikitoa mafunzo hayo kwa njia ya nadhalia na vitendo.

Wanafunzi wa shule hiyo huchanganywa na kuishi kwenye hostel moja ambapo hushauliwa wasaidiane kufanya ‘assignments’ zao.

Mkuu wa shule hiyo - Ylva-Maria Thompson - mtu ambaye huwezi mshangaa, ni nyota ya filamu za ngono na ni mtangazaji wa vipindi vya ngono kwenye TV.

Mwanamke huyo mwenye miaka 51 amesema: ‘Nia ni kuwafanya watu wawe wapenzi wazuri, kufahamu aina mbalimbali za mitindo ya kufanya ngono, namna ya kumshughulikia mwenza wako, kuzifahamu sehemu nyeti za mwili na kuwafundisha watu namna nzuri za ushiriki wa tendo la ngono.

Licha ya hivyo shule hiyo imekuwa ikipata vikwazo kadhaa, ambapo matangazo ya TV yanayoonyesha watu wakifanya ngono yamepigwa marufuku, huku wengi wakisema shule hiyo ipo kwa ajili ya kufanya biashara ya ngono.

Kuna yeyote anayependa kwenda kusoma shule hii japo kwa mwaka mmoja..


 TLC Crystal Jones 3
When the TLC biopic “CrazySexyCool” aired a few nights ago on VH1, old school fans were surprised to see that before Chilli joined the group, there was an original member named Crystal who didn’t make the cut. In the movie, Crystal got the boot after the girls auditioned for LA Reid and Pebbles, and they made it seem as though she couldn’t sing if her life depended on it. Of course Crystal was beyond disappointed with the way she was portrayed, and she stopped by Atlanta radio station, V-103 with Ryan Cameron to tell her side of the story. Sitting next to her former manager Ian Burke, who helped her form the original TLC group, Crystal said she got cut from the trio by Pebbles because she refused to sign those bogus contracts without her mother looking at them first. Ian also chimed in to say that even though he enjoyed the movie for entertainment purposes, they got real creative with some elements of the story. For one, he said Jermaine Dupri played a huge role in the girls developing their sound and that the ladies only met through himself and Rico Wade. He also said when Lisa first auditioned, he told her “No.” 

...Michael Jackson Earned More This Year Than The Highest-Earning Living Celebrity...

The King of Pop died in 2009, yet he is still raking more millions than most.
In the past year, Michael Jackson earned $160 million giving him the number one spot on Forbes' Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of 2013, which is more than Forbes' top earning celebrity Madonna earned this year ($125 million), note Business Insider.
Jackson's money comes from two Cirque du Soleil shows — "Immortal," a concert-esque show that has earned $300 million, and Las Vegas's "One" continues to sell out.His fortune is also in part to music sales and his share of the Sony/ATV catalog.
Here's the complete list of Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities:
1. Michael Jackson $160

2. Elvis Presley: $55 million
3. Charles Schultz: $37 million
4. Elizabeth Taylor: $25 million
5. Bob Marley: $18 million
6. Marilyn Monroe: $15 million
7. John Lennon: $12 million
8. Albert Einstein: $10 million
9. Bettie Page: $10 million
10. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss): $9 million

...Amber Rose Celebrates 30th Birthday With Wiz Khalifa, Miguel Celebrates 8th Anniversary With Nazanin Mandi ...

Wiz Khalifa and Amber celebrate 30th Birthday

And they’re back!  Tatted up couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose showed off their kissy-faced love on Instagram yesterday as they celebrated Amber’s 30th birthday (which is ironically, the same day as Kanye’s fiancée Kim Kardashian.)  For the occasion, the blonde beauty took a break from mommy duties, and hit the beach for a romantic getaway, where Wiz did cute things like writing their names in the sand.  He also tweeted:
Happy birthday to the love of my life, partner in crime, and mother of my child. Basically the most beautiful person ever @DaRealAmberRose
Miguel and girlfriend of 8 years Nazanin
Meanwhile, Miguel and his girlfriend Nazanin have been riding together since before the fame, and just celebrated their 8th anniversary. Nazanin wrote:
… Last week was our 8 year Anniversary… Dear G*D we are getting old We met when we were Teenagers … Have been through Hell & back together & to be honest I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! It help build our foundation.. We are each others Muses & I can’t believe I was blessed with a Man like you.. I must have been a saint in my past life… Lemniscate @miguelunlimited
Soo sweet!
Catch more pics from both couples below:
Amber Rose Spends 30th Birthday With Wiz Khalifa
Amber Rose Spends 30th Birthday With Wiz Khalifa 3   Amber Rose Spends 30th Birthday With Wiz Khalifa 2
Miguel and Nazanin Mandi anniversary