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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



A top contender on "MasterChef" had a bizarre, violent encounter with cops in Chicago ... telling them Gordon Ramsay is an "asshole" who possessed his body and then transformed him into God ... law  inforcement .

Law enforcement sources tell us ... a University of Chicago cop spotted Josh Marks on the campus on Monday  He was trying to use a University emergency phone and had obvious cuts on his face.  We're told the cop asked Marks if anything was wrong, and Marks then lunged at him, striking him with a closed fist and then tried to grab his gun.

Our sources say the cop and two other officers tried to subdue the 26-year-old, 7'2" tall culinary runner-up ... to no avail.  They batoned and pepper sprayed him but it had no effect.  Marks broke free and started running.  Five cops subdued him in a resident's backyard.

Marks was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries.  We told once in custody an officer asked him why he went off the rails, and he blamed it all on Gordon Ramsay.  Shockingly, we're told there was no evidence of drug use.

Marks remains in the hospital, chained to a bed.  He's been booked on various charges, including assaulting a cop and resisting arrest.


Actress/singer Naya Rivera appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday (July 30) to promote her upcoming gig as host of Bud Light Music First’s 50/50/1 Show. The event takes place on August 1.
There will be 50 shows in 50 states. Some of the acts performing include Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, The Flaming Lips and many more. Bud Light will live stream select performances on the Bud Light Music First Myspace hub.
Naya also discusses her relationship with her boyfriend Big Sean, her unusual name, having a brother in the NFL and more.


dmx tashera simmons
Zammnnnn! Just when you thought you had problems…
DMX may definitely be having one of the worst weeks ever.  Last Friday, he was arrested in South Carolina for suspicion of driving under the influence and failing to have a valid driver’s license, and yesterday, he had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy so that he could get on top of his finances again.
What’s mindblowing, is that DMX has been in the rap game for over 20 years, but claims he has less than $50,000 in assets and has raked in $1 million to $10 million in debt. He is also $1.24 million behind in child support payments for his 10 children. He has four kids with his estranged wife Tashera who he was with for 11 years, but throughout their marriage he admitted to sleeping around and having babies with other women. [a vasectomy may apply here...]
Meanwhile, DMX’s rep Domenick Nati has released a statement via the Wall Street Journal’s Bankruptcy Beat saying that his financial problems have just been building up over the years, blaming poor money management and his previous handlers for his huge debt.
“DMX’s financial strains have been inhibiting his career for several years. Poor financial management by prior representation have caused him to be ineligible to retain a passport. The purpose of this bankruptcy filing is for reorganization so he can perform for his fans oversees [sic]. We are currently planning a tour in Europe and Africa for the fall of 2013.”
If you owe more than $2,500 in back child support you can’t get a passport, so because of that DMX’s camp is saying that he won’t be able to tour and make money.
Today’s rappers may want to take note. Bad money management and business decisions may have you worse off then when you started a few years from now. Unfortunate (especially, for those 10 kids!).


Solange is used to playing big stages, but she headlined a laundromat for the first time as part of vitaminwater and The FADER’s #uncapped series. The Atlantis Super Wash Center in Brooklyn was transformed into a neon-lit nightclub as the 27-year-old singer performed her True tunes for an intimate crowd.
“This laundromat really has me wanting to be a drama queen tonight, so excuse my theatrics,” said Solange as she dived into “Losing You.”
She recently canceled a string of summer festival dates because she is moving to a new city and starting her son in a new school. Plus, she is in the studio recording a new album.
“I really had to make the best decision for my mental/physical health and provide some stability for my family,” she wrote on her website. “I am so so sooooo sorry if I’ve disappointed…and really hope to make it out to those special cities soon enough.”
See Solo storm the laundromat with her performance of “Bad Girls,” “Losing You,” and an appropriate cover of Nivea’s “Laundromat.”


Kwenye Exclusive interview na millardayo , Madee amehadithia kila kitu kilichomtokea wakati anaingia tu Afrika Kusini siku kadhaa zilizopita ambapo hii imetokea kutokana na ukubwa wa habari, uzito wa tukio la wale Watanzania wawili wasichana (Akina Masogange )  waliokamatwa kwenye kiwanja cha ndege Johannesburg wakiwa na dawa za kulevya wakitokea Tanzania.

Madee anakwambia alipotua kwenye kiwanja cha ndege, kawaida huwa kuna utaratibu wa kuchekiwa hati ya kusafiria na ukaguzi mwingine ambao hufanywa na mitambo maalum kwa kila abiria anaeingia Afrika kusini, ni ukaguzi ambao unafanywa Airport kabla ya abiria kuruhusiwa kuingia kwenye nchi yenyewe.

Kilichomfanya Madee kusachiwa na kuhojiwa karibu dakika 60 ni pale tu aliposema anatokea Tanzania, kuna wazungu wawili wenye sare tofauti za kipolisi wakaanza kumsachi mpaka kufikia kumwambia avue t shirt yake, alivua t shirt na kubakiwa na nguo nyepesi ya ndani wakati huo abiria wenzake aliokwenda nao walikua wameruhusiwa.

Kati ya abiria wote waliokuja pamoja kwenye ndege, Madee na Mzimbabwe mmoja ndio walikaguliwa sana ila huyo mwingine alikaguliwa kidogo tu kama dakika 10 na wala hakuambiwa avue nguo.

Sehemu yenyewe Madee aliyoambiwa avue nguo sio kwenye chumba maalum, ni palepale kwenye foleni wanaposimama watu ila kwa pembeni kidogo, ni sehemu ambayo imezibwa na kioo kinacholingana na usawa wa tumbo kushuka chini…. Madee anakwambia jamaa walinong’onezana sana wakati wanamkagua.

Hata hivyo baada ya Askari hao kumuweka sana msanii huyu wa bongofleva kutoka kundi la TipTop Connection walimuomba radhi baada ya kumaliza ukaguzi wao ambao pia ulihusika kulivuruga sana begi lake.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Her son is one of the most talented, and controversial, footballers in the country.

But John Terry's mother, Sue, didn't seem to be too used to the excesses of the WAG lifestyle as she joined daughter-in-law Toni for a girls' night out on the town last week.

The 55-year-old grandmother looked more than a little worse for wear as she staggered out of a nightclub in London's exclusive Mayfair district at 3am, and collapsed drunkenly in the back of a waiting taxi.

Boozy night out! John Terry's mother, Sue, looked more than a little worse for wear as she staggered out of a nightclub in London's exclusive Mayfair district at 3am

Oops-a-daisy! The 55-year-old grandmother collapsed drunkenly in the back of a waiting taxi after a night out with her daughter-in-law, Toni Terry

Emerging from the club alone, Sue had evidently enjoyed a little too much champagne-swilling for one night, as she stumbled into the back of the car and promptly dozed off.

Flashing a little more than intended as she sprawled out on the seat in her aqua and purple minidress, the mother of the Chelsea captain put her hand on her forehead as she laid down for a sleep following her boozy evening out.

Sporting a deep mahogany tan, Sue's choice of attention-grabbing dress - which she teamed with a blingy watch and matching jewellery - was her ultimate downfall, with the garish colours ensuring all eyes were well and truly on her.

Oh dear! Emerging from the club alone, Sue had evidently enjoyed a little too much champagne-swilling for one night, as she stumbled into the back of the car and promptly dozed off

Out on the tiles! Sue flashed a little more than intended as she sprawled out on the seat in her aqua and purple minidress

Sleepy-head: The mother of the Chelsea captain put her hand on her forehead as she laid down for a sleep following her boozy evening out

An onlooker told The Sun on Sunday: 'Sue was staggering everywhere. She was a complete mess and had definitely had too many drinks.

'She had to come out of the club about half an hour before Toni did. And then she passed-out in the back of the taxi. At first she was lying on the cab’s floor.'

Although the grandmother staggered out of the club alone, Toni Terry emerged from the nightspot just half an hour later, accompanied by another female pal.

Turning heads: Sporting a deep mahogany tan, Sue's choice of attention-grabbing dress was her ultimate downfall, with the bright colours ensuring all eyes were well and truly on her
Mum's the word: As captain of Chelsea FC, John Terry's current yearly salary stands at around the £6.76million mark



Habari mbaya kwa Tanzania, Feza Kessy ni miongoni mwa washiriki watatu waliopigiwa kura zaidi kutoka wiki hii...FEZA amepata kura nyingi zaidi hii inaonyesha kuwa ndio mshiriki anayechukiwa zaidi ndani ya jumba hilo...
Feza ameungana na mpenzi wake Oneal na Elikem kwenye kikaango hicho cha eviction. Wa kwanza kumtaja Feza kwa kudai kuwa ni mbeya na jinsi anavyopenda kuwakusanya washiriki wenzake na kuwashawishi mi Msouth, Angelo.

Beverly wa Nigeria pia amemtaja Feza kwa madai kuwa ana upinzani mkali kwenye shindano hilo.

Elikem amewataja Oneal na Feza huku Cleo wa Zambia akimtaja Feza kwa madai kuwa ni tishio kubwa kwake na kusema wazi kuwa hataki kumuona Feza anaondoka na dola laki tatu.

Haya sasa muda wa kuanza kumpigia kura Feza Kessy asitoke ndio huu


Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne
Is Drake still down with Young Money? As rumors continue to swirl regarding the Canadian rapper’s relationship with YMCMB, his labelmate Nicki Minaj is speaking out.
During her interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, Young Money’s First Lady was asked for her insight into the situation.
“I just feel like people’s perception of their reality is their perception of their reality,” said Nicki. “Sometimes people make moves based on their perception of what reality is and I know that sounds like a riddle, but maybe one day you’ll be able to unravel that one.”
Drake was absent from the Rich Gang album, prompting some to believe that he had a falling out with the crew.
But she doesn’t know what he’s going through. “All I can say is he’s so talented. Sometimes when you’re really intelligent and you’re really talented, you also think a lot and sometimes your mind is racing with thoughts. It is what it is. People go through their own emotions and you gotta respect it and keep it moving. We all love the team.”
As for Nicki, she’s Young Money all day. “All I can say is this, Lil Wayne is everything to me. I can’t speak for anyone else,” she said. “What Young Money and Cash Money did for Nicki Minaj I could never repay them for so I am forever indebted to them.”
But regardless of what the future holds, they share a love for their boss. “We all love Wayne and that’s what’s gonna hold us together,” she said. “Drake is my baby ’cause that’s how we were when we came in so whenever I think of him I’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s my baby.’ Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy, and you know, shit happens. It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world and working on different things. You never know who people got in their ear or what they feeling. Maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don’t know, but I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything.”
While Drake has taken some subliminal shots on his records, she’s never felt slighted by him. “I’ve never taken that personal,” said Nicki. “When you are in a place where Drake is, which is everybody is asking him for a hook or a feature, it is what it is. He’s speaking the truth. Whether he’s taking that as a compliment or not, I don’t know. He’s speaking the truth and I think he’s speaking about every damn body. I’m not exempt from that and neither is anyone else. If you’ve been asking him for a verse or a song or done a verse or a song with him, then maybe you are included. I don’t know, but he’s not lying.”


MAHAKAMA ya Hakimu Mkazi Kinondoni, leo imeiaharisha kesi inayomkabili msanii wa kizazi kipya nchini, Judith Wambura 'Lady Jaydee' a.k.a Annaconda dhidi ya uongozi wa Clouds Media Group hadi Agosti 2, mwaka huu.

Kesi hiyo ya madai iliyopo mbele ya Hakimu Athumani Nyamlani, leo ililetwa kwa ajili ya kusikilizwa lakini ilishindikana kutokana na wakili anayemtetea, Jaydee kutotokea mahakamani hapo na kumtuma mwakilishi wake.

Ilidaiwa mahakamani hapo kuwa wakili huyo wa Jaydee, amekwenda katika Mahakama Kuu kuhudhuria kesi nyingine na hivyo kushindwa kufika mahakamani hapo kuendelea na kesi hiyo na hivyo kuahirishwa hadi Agosti 2, mwaka huu.

Kesi hiyo ya madai ilipelekwa mahakamani hapo na Mkurugenzi wa Utafiti na Maendeleo wa Kampuni ya Clouds Media kwa madai ya kuukashifu uongozi huo.

Kwa mujibu wa mdai huyo, ambaye ni uongozi wa Clouds Media ulidai kuwa mdaiwa huyo ambaye ni Lady Jaydee aliandika maneno ya kuukashifu uongozi huo kupitia blogu yake.


Katika hali isiyo ya kushangaza msanii TID amefunguka kupitia ukurasa wake wa facebook na kuonekana kukerewa na gazeti la Baabkubwa na kuandika kifuatacho
Hahahaha jamani acheni kumuudhi TID na Ramadan yote hii. Kama mnataka ukweli mfateni atawaeleza na si kumzushia kama mwenyewe anavyo dai.
Issue yenyewe anayowakia nadhani ni hii kwenye toleo hili linlo dai TID Kuoa Soon.



DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled are not walking down the aisle…ever. The Young Money diva is finally speaking out following DJ Khaled’s grand proposal.
She called into Funkmaster Flex’s radio show on Hot 97 on Monday to address the viral video that showed Khaled professing his love and presenting a 10-carat engagement ring. But she never once took his advances seriously.
“I was shocked just like the rest of the world and I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world ’cause Khaled is a master at what he does,” said Nicki.
It was more or less a publicity stunt to promote Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success and his new single “I Wanna Be With You” featuring Nicki, Future, and Rick Ross. “It was just another way for him to kinda give the world a glimpse on the feeling of this record,” explained Nicki.
Those close to her didn’t think of it as anything more than a joke. “Nobody in my real life took it seriously,” she said. “Everybody just hit me like, ‘LOL. Yo, Khaled is crazy.’”
She set the record straight once and for all, shutting down any prospect of wedding bells. “Khaled is my brother and Khaled was not serious with that damn proposal, ya’ll. Please let it go. He was kidding,” said Nicki. “He’s not attracted to me, he doesn’t like me. We’re brother and sister.”
Despite the dismissal, Khaled seemed serious about his proposal when he called into DJ Felli Fel on Power 106 over the weekend. “She might say yeah tonight or tomorrow, she might say yeah next year. What am I gonna do, give up? Never. I ain’t never give up on nothing I do,” he said.
But it seemed like it was all part of his master plan. Following Nicki’s interview, he tweeted, “Salute @NICKIMINAJ!!! … Bringing the excitement back to the game!”

Monday, July 29, 2013


Nidhahiri kwamba Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere (JNIA), sasa ni kitovu cha  kusafirisha dawa za kulevya nje ya nchi.
Katika kipindi cha takribani wiki mbili tu, Watanzania wanne wamekamatwa ughaibuni wakiwa na shehena ya dawa hizo ambazo walisafirisha kutoa Tanzania kwenda nje kupitia uwanja huo bila ya kukamatwa.

Mara ya kwanza walikuwa ni wasichana wawili, Agnes Jerald (25) na Melisa Edward (24), ambao walikamatwa Afrika Kusini na kushtakiwa nchini humo.

Walikamatwa Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Oliver Tambo wakiwa na shehena ya kilo 150 ya dawa aina ya Crystal Methamphetamine zenye thamani ya zaidi ya Sh. bilioni 6.8. Wasichana hao walikamatwa Julai 5, mwaka huu baada ya kuwasili Johannesburg wakitokea Tanzania wakisafiri kwa ndege ya Shirika la Ndege la Afrika Kusini (SAA) na walikamatwa na Maofisa wa Mamlaka ya Mapato ya nchi hiyo katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Oliver Tambo, uliopo eneo la Kempton Park.

Ijumaa wiki hii, Watanzania wengine wawili, walikamatwa Hong Kong wakiwa na dawa za kulevya aina ya cocaine na heroine zenye thamani ya bilioni 7.6 akiwamo mmoja aliyekamatwa akitokea Dar es Salaam kupitia Dubai hadi Honh Kong.

Matukio haya yote yanatokea wakati wakuu wa Uwanja wa ndege wa Julius Nyerere zinakopitishwa wakiwa hawana cha kusema juu ya uharamia huo unaotokea kwenye kitovu cha mawasiliano cha nchi.

Jana, Kamanda wa Polisi Kikosi cha Viwanja vya Ndege Nchini, Deusdedit Kato, alisema jalada la upelelezi kuhusu tukio la kukamatwa kwa wasichana Afrika Kusini litapelekwa kwa Mkurugenzi wa Mashtaka (DPP) leo ingawa hakuwa tayari kutaja watuhumiwa ni nani hasa wanaoshirikiana na wafanyabiashara ya dawa hizo.

Kato alisema hawezi kutaja majina ya watu waliobainika kwa sababu kilichofanyika ni uchunguzi  tu na kwamba DDP ndiye mwenye mamlaka  ya kuamua juu ya uchunguzi huo.

“Siwezi kukuambia ni nini kimepatikana katika uchunguzi wala kutaja majina ya watu, kwa kuwa mimi ninapeleka nilichokichunguza kwa sababu naweza kukuambia lakini ikawa sio hivyo kwani huu ni uchunguzi tu,” alisema.

Aliongeza: “Naweza kupeleka jalada langu la uchunguzi kwa DDP lakini kutokana na utalaam wake akagundua kuna mapungufu, hapo tayari nitakuwa nimepotosha umma. Lakini pia akiona upelelezi unajitosheleza yeye ndiye anaweza kuamua kupeleka Mahakamani.”

Kuhusu taarifa za kukamatwa kwa Watanzania wengine na dawa za kulevya Julai 26,  mwaka huu  huko huko mjini Hong Kong, Kato alisema bado wanafanya jitahada za kupata kwa undani  taarifa hizo.

“Na mimi nimesikia, lakini hatujapata taarifa zaidi ili kujua majina yao na kama kweli ni Watanzania. Inakuwa ngumu kupata taarifa kwa sababu aina  ya mawasiliano wanayotumia hawa Polisi wa Kimataifa (Interpol ) ni tofauti na ya kwetu kwa hiyo tunategemea wao ndiyo watupe taarifa,” alisema Kato.

Naye Waziri wa Uchunguzi, Dk. Harrison Mwanyembe, ambaye amejipatia sifa za utendaji katika siku za hivi karibuni, kwa kuendesha timua timua katika taasisi zinazosimamiwa na wizara yake kwa tuhuma za uzembe, amekuwa kimya na pengine kukwepa kabisa kutia mguu katika sakata la dawa za kulevya JNIA.

Wiki iliyopita NIPASHE lilimtafuta Dk. Mwakyembe mwenye dhamana ya Viwanja vya Ndege nchini kujua ni hatua gani amechukua, lakini alijibu kwamba hana taarifa za kina kuhusu sakata hilo.

Uharamia huo wa dawa za kulevya umempa pia kigugumizi Mkurugenzi wa Upelelezi wa Makosa ya Jinai (DCI), Kamishna Robert Manumba, ambaye amekwepa kuzungumzia sakata hilo na kusema liko kwa Kamanda wa Polisi, Kitengo cha Kuzuia na Kupambana na Dawa za Kulevya, Geofrey Nzowa.

Kamanda Nzowa alipoulizwa alisema upelelezi bado unaendaelea kubaini mambo mbalimbali yaliyoko nyuma ya tukio hilo.

Alipoulizwa ikiwa Polisi wamebaini mmiliki pamoja na maofisa walioruhusu kupitishwa kwa dawa, Nzowa alisema uchunguzi unaangalia mambo mengi na ndiyo huo utakuja na taarifa kamili.

Taarifa kutoka Hong Kong za Ijumaa wiki iliyopita zinaeleza kwamba, maofisa ushuru wa Uwanja wa Ndege wa Hong Kong (HKIA), walimkamata kijana mmoja mwenye umri wa miaka 26 akitokea Tanzania na alikuwa na dawa za kulevya aina ya heroin kilo 1.6 zenye thamani ya Sh. bilioni 1.5, kwenye mzigo wake wa mkononi.

Taarifa zilieleza kwamba baadaye jioni siku hiyo hiyo, maofisa hao walimkamata Mtanzania mwingine mwenye miaka 45 ambaye alipelekwa hospitali na kutolewa gramu 240 za dawa za kulevya aina ya heroin.
Taarifa zaidi zilieleza kuwa Mtanzania mwingine mwenye miaka 28 alikamatwa akiwa na kilo 2.03 za cocaine.

Takwimu zinaonyesha kumekuwa na wimbi kubwa la Watanzania wanaojiingiza katika biashara haramu ya dawa za kulevya ndani na nje ya nchi na kwamba, katika kipindi cha miaka mitano iliyopita, watuhumiwa 10,799 walikamatwa kwa kujihusisha na uharamia huo.

Katika kipindi hicho, Watanzania 240 walikamatwa katika nchi za Brazil, Pakistan na Afrika Kusini, na kuharibu taswira ya nchi na kusababisha Watanzania wasio na hatia kupata usumbufu na masharti magumu wanapotaka kusafiri kwenda nchi mbalimbali duniani.


Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is baring it all in the name of ARTPOP. Mother Monster sits naked in a chair made up of mother boards, wearing only a pair of spectacles and black heels in a new promo photo. She shows off her unicorn thigh tattoo and “ARTPOP” arm tattoo while covering up her body.
Gaga tweeted the revealing image along with the August 19 release date for her first single, reportedly titled “Applause.” “1ST SINGLE FROM ARTPOP COMES AUG.19 #24DAYS,” she wrote.
She shot a video for the song earlier this month with directors Inez & Vinoodh, and will perform at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on August 25.


Nicki Minaj and friends
While DJ Khaled was professing his love to her, Nicki Minaj spent her Saturday evening catching up with her “Pretty Gang.” The hip-hop superstar and her girlfriends from high school dined at upscale Asian restaurant Crustacean in Beverly Hills. Nicki dressed casually in a pink off-the-shoulder top that said “Love Dirty,” yellow pants, and a backwards pink hat.
“Laguardia Girls unite!!! Thembi, Justine & Nia my boos,” she wrote on her Instagram account.
Photographers also noticed a big rock on her finger, but unfortunately for DJ Khaled, it was not his engagement ring.
Nicki plans to drop two surprises for her Barbz on Monday, one at 9 a.m. EST and another around 7-8 p.m. EST.


Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.27.55 AM
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.14.20 AM
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.12.50 AM
TGT redeemed.  Erase that horrible video clip from ‘The Couch’ last week from your memory bank.  These guys are doing it!
Last week, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank performed as part of Atlantic Records Spotlight Live Showcase, and the fellas tore it down as they brought 90′s R&B to the stage.  First, they warmed the crowd up by performing covers of Jodeci’s “Freek N’ You”, Bel Biv Divoe’s “Poison” and Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down,” before transitioning into their own individual hits.  Ginuwine sang, “So Anxious” and “Pony” while throwing a sweat-drenched t-shirt into the crowd of drooling ladies.  Tyrese sang, “Stay” and “Sweet Lady” and Tank performed “I Deserve” and “Please Don’t Go.”  The trio ended the show with a few of their collective songs off of their upcoming 3 Kings LP  including “Sex Ain’t Never Felt Better.”
The next night, while attending a private dinner for the guys at Phillipe’s, I caught up with Tyrese who ran down the group’s history.  His friendship with Ginuwine spans over 10 years with him being the best man at Ginuwine’s 2003 wedding in Vegas. Meanwhile, Tank was singing at a church in Washington, D.C.  over 10 years ago, when someone approached him and told him that Ginuwine was looking for a background singer. He flew out to L.A. to audition and the rest is history.
Now, it’s hard not to wonder if there are egos in a group like this, but I will confirm that they do have arguments.  While at dinner, the guys brought on a lot of laughs as they argued about small things like who had received the most screams at the show the night before and who sang first (neither of them could remember). Tank also called out Tyrese for singing his part while they were covering “Freek’N You” which resulted in Tank just standing on stage and staring at him (You can see that video below…lol!!!).  You also had a moment where Tank was being extremely silly while Tyrese was trying to have a serious discussion about bringing conviction back into music which was slowly pissing Tyrese off.  Tyrese finally shut down and said he wasn’t going to talk anymore which prompted Tank to yell out dramatically, “Alright! I’m Sorry, Man!!!”


Drake and The Weeknd are putting their differences aside and making music together again. The Canadian superstars hit the studio in Toronto last night. Drizzy tweeted a photo of them together, writing, “@abelxo SCARY TINGS,” plus a pic of their studio session.
The Kiss Land crooner didn’t sign to Drake’s label, fueling speculation that the two had a falling out. But The Weeknd has denied the rumors.
“No, that’s not true. Definitely not true,” he told Complex. “But it makes sense. The thing about Drake is I told him what my decisions were going to be. And he was down with it from the beginning.”
Drake was supportive of his “Crew Love” collaborator. “He went on to do something that he felt was a great decision. More power to him,” he previously told Elliott Wilson on EVR Radio. “I talk to him all the time and I look forward to whatever he has coming in the future. I wouldn’t call it a parting of ways. I just think people reach a point where they need to make decisions.”
Earlier in the evening, Drake stopped by to support his fellow Canadian Justin Bieber at his show at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. He joined Biebs and Riff Raff in a pre-show prayer circle. Check out video of them backstage.


Emily Bustamante, Fabolous, and Joso
Fabolous put family first at the premiere of The Smurfs 2 on Sunday. The devoted dad stepped out to the New York screening with his five-year-old son Johan and baby mama Emily B of “Love & Hip Hop 2″ fame. They walked the blue carpet and posed for silly pics in the Smurfs photo booth.
“Only got 3 hrs sleep but made sure i took #PrinceJoso to the #Smurfs2 private premiere 2day,” said Fab. “This a small sacrifice to see my boy smile.. This is what we must do as parents. Its our first priority. Its our toughest job. Its our biggest goal. To raise the next generation of Kings & Queens.”
When he’s not focused on fatherhood, Loso has been putting the final touches on his upcoming album Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power featuring Future, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ne-Yo, 2 Chainz, and Trey Songz.


MBUNGE wa Kinondoni (CCM), Idd Azzan, amesema yupo tayari kujiuzulu ubunge, ikiwa itabainika anajihusisha biashara ya dawa za kulevya. Kauli hiyo imekuja siku chache baada ya kutajwa katika moja ya barua iliyosambazwa katika mitandao ya kijamii, baada ya mtu anayedaiwa kukamatwa China na kuwatuhumu watu kadhaa akiwamo Idd Azzan.

Akizungumza na MTANZANIA jana kuhusu sakata hilo, alisema hatua ya kuhusishwa na biashara haramu ya dawa za kulevya, ni kutotenda haki mbele ya jamii hasa wapiga kura wake na Taifa kwa ujumla.

Alisema mtu aliyendika barua ya tuhuma dhidi yake, ni wazi amedhamiria kumshushia heshima na huenda akawa ana jambo limejificha.

“Ni kweli nimeiona hiyo barua katika mtandao, inayodaiwa imeandikwa na kijana ambaye amekamatwa Hong Kong nchini China. Lakini ninajiuliza kama kweli yeye ni raia mwema, katika hili kwanini hakutaka kutaja jina lake kwenye barua hiyo.

“Hata nilipoisoma nimebaini kuwa huyo mtu ametumika na huenda kabisa hayupo nje ya nchi, kwani katika maelezo yake anataja jina la Balozi Philip Marmo kuwa amemsaidia hali ya kuwa hivi karibuni Rais Kikwete alimteua Balozi mpya Abdulrahman Shimbo na Marmo kuwa Balozi wa Shirikisho la Ujerumani.

“Kingine naona alijaribu kuandika uongo kuweza kuaminisha jamii, kwani hata hilo jila la balozi mwanzo limetajwa jina la Bernad na kukatwa kwa wino. Ninapenda kulieleza Taifa kuwa naomba vyombo vya usalama vifanye uchunguzi wa jambo hili na nikibainika ninauza dawa za kulevya nipo tayari kujiuzulu ubunge wangu.

“Kubwa haki itendeke katika kufanya uchunguzi wa jambo hili, ila ni lazima jamii na Watanzania kwa ujumla tusikubali kwa makusudi watu waichafue nchi yetu kwa chuki na fitna tu,” alisema Azzan.

Alisema kutokana na hali hiyo, anashindwa kuchukua hatua yoyote ya kufanya zaidi ya kuliandikia barua Jeshi la Polisi lifanye uchunguzi dhidi ya barua hiyo kuweza kubaini ukweli wa jambo hilo.

“Sijawahi kuuza dawa za kulevya na hata katika familia yangu hakuna mtu anayefanya biashara hiyo haramu. Kila mmoja anajua kuwa Idd nilikuwa Diwani wa Kata ya Magomeni, huku kazi yangu kubwa ikiwa ni biashara ya magari na daladala ambayo ninaendelea nayo hadi sasa mbali ya ubunge kama nilivyopewa heshima na wapiga kura wangu wa Kinondoni,” alisema Azzan.

MTANZANIA ilipomuuliza kuwa ni hatua gani ikibainika hakuna ukweli wa jambo hilo baada ya vyombo vya usalama kufanya uchunguzi, alisema atakachokifanya anamuachia Mungu.

“Ni ngumu kusema hatua gani nitachukua ikibainika hakuna ukweli, lakini nataka kusema kama yule aliyeandika barua hii angetaja jina lake ni wazi baada ya uchunguzi ningeweza kuomba ushauri kwa mwanasheria wangu hatua za kuchukua, lakini kwa kuwa hakutaja jina ni ngumu kuweza kuamua,” alisema Azzan.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifa zilitolewa kupitia mitandao, ziliripoti kukamatwa kwa Watanzania wawili nchini China wakiwa na dawa za kulevya zenye thamani ya Dola milioni 3.34 za Marekani.


Jana usiku mara tu baada ya Sulu na Annabel kutolewa kwa kura za watazamaji, Big Brother aliwaita washiriki pamoja katika kikao cha dharura kufuatia ugomvi uliotokea kati ya Nando na Elikem.

Itakumbukwa kwamba siku ya ijumaa ilitokea hali ya kutoelewana kati ya Nando na Elikem. Wawili hawa walitukanana sana na kutishiana mno. Ugomvi huo ulianzishwa na Nando.

Kwa mujibu wa sheria za Big Brother mwaka huu, kuanzisha ugomvi ni kosa ambalo hupelekea kupata 'strike' ama onyo.

3 strike rule ni mtindo unaotumika msimu huu. Kwa mujibu wa Big brother, yeyote atakaye fanya makosa matatu makubwa na kupewa maonyo matatu basi moja kwa moja anatakiwa atimuliwe..

Sheria hiyo imetumika kumtimua Nando kwa sababu 1. Alianzisha ugomvi siku ya Ijumaa, 2. Alishiriki ugomvi na Elikem na 3. Alitishia maisha, "I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die"...

Katika kipindi cha wiki 9 za ushiriki wake katika jumba hilo, Nando amekutwa na misuko suko kadhaa ikiwemo kuwahi kukutwa na kisu katika Party ya Channel O pia kukutwa na mkasi chini ya kitanda kitu ambacho ni kinyume cha sheria za big brother.

Kutokana na ugomvi huo Elikem alipata strike moja.

Big brother alimtaka Nando aondoke katika jumba lake hilo na kutumia fursa hiyo kuwataka washiriki wengine waishi kama watu wazima.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


   Siku za hivi karibuni mwigizaji anayefanya vizuri kwasasa katika filamu nchini Niva Zubery amekuwa akiweka status zikimhusu mwigizaji mwenzake Wema Sepetu na baadhi ya mashabiki wa mastaa hao na wasomaji wa Swahiliworldplanet kutaka kuupata ukweli kama mastaa hao ni wapenzi kwa siri au lah.  
 "nyie swp  hembu muulizeni Niva kama mtu wake kwasasa ni Wema coz status zake ni za kuchombeza kwa bibieee then kama wako close sana siku hizi, maskini kaka wa watu kaoza kwa wema tayariii !" alisema shabiki mmoja wa kike aliyekataa kutajwa jina lake. 
  Status za Niva zinaonekana kama kuchombeza kitu flani kwa Wema kwa mujibu wa wasomaji walioitonya SWP.
  Baadhi ya status hizo za Niva katika facebook yake ni hizi hapa "Baaabaa eti wewe upo na wemaa? (Apana mwanangu) huku akiwa ameweka picha yake mwenyewe na ya mtoto anayedaiwa kuwa wake", nyingine iko hivi "Niva hanipokerei cm jamaani mwambieni basi kama nampigiaa mwambieeni nawaomba tafazalii" huku akiwa amepost picha ya Wema Sepetu akiwa ameweka simu sikioni".
   Status nyingine akiwa ameweka picha hiyo hapo chini wakiwa pamoja na Wema ilisomeka hivi "Etiiiiiii kama tunamuaa kuwa nanihiii na nanihiii itakuwa poa? basi nipe maoni yako ili nijue simmeshajua nilicho maanisha so nataka jibu ili nijue".  
   Baadhi ya wachangiaji walimwambia Niva kuwa wakiwa wapenzi yeye na Wema watapendeza huku wengine wakimwambia kuwa Wema sio hadhi  yake, wengine walimwambia ajaribu bahati yake kama tayari ameshamzimikia mrembo huyo.  
   Ili kuupata ukweli kutoka kwa Niva mwenyewe kama baadhi ya wasomaji walivyotutumia ujumbe mwanzoni ilibidi kumtafuta Niva jana na kumueleza kila kitu na yeye alikataa kuwa na uhusiano wa kimapenzi na Wema na alipoulizwa kama kweli sio wapenzi status zake zikionekana kwa mtu wa Wema si zinaweza kuzua tafrani? Niva alijibu kwa ufupi kwa kusema "hakuna kitu kama hicho kaka"


Another beautiful woman of Jamaica. Miss April Jackson, Miss Jamaica Universe 2008.



Bad Boy Records artist Cassie recently hit the beach in Miami, Florida with her model friend Kerry Morgan. The two beauties showed off their hot bodies while enjoying some waves and getting some sun.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


STAA wa filamu na muziki wa Bongo Fleva, Zuwena Mohammed ‘Shilole’ ameingia matatani akidaiwa kuingia mitini na simu tatu za mkononi alizoaminiwa nchini Afrika ya Kusini alikokwenda kufanya shoo.
Msanii huyo alikumbwa na kasheshe hilo Julai 19, 2013 nyumbani kwa mwanamuziki wa Bongo Fleva, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond’, Sinza Mori, Dar.
Siku hiyo Diamond alikuwa akifuturisha na aliwaalika watu mbalimbali wakiwemo mastaa lakini nusura futuru iingie doa kufuatia zogo hilo.

Ndugu wa Diamond aitwaye Majaliwa Majuto ‘Q Boy’ alidai ndiye mwenye simu hizo. Alisema miezi kadhaa iliyopita, Shilole alikwenda nchini humo kufanya shoo ya muziki. Wakati wa kuondoka alimpa simu tatu, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy na Blackberry ili akifika Bongo ampe Diamond lakini msanii huyo hakufanya hivyo.

“Alikuja Sauzi kufanya shoo, wakati wa kuondoka nilimpa simu tatu amletee Diamond lakini nashangaa hakufanya hivyo na mimi tangu nirudi Bongo simpati, kila nikimpigia simu hapokei, leo ndiyo tumekutana hapa kwa Diamond,” alilalama Q Boy.

Alisema awali akiwa nchini humo baada ya kumkabidhi mali hizo, alimpigia simu Diamond na kumtaarifu kuwa ‘mzigo’ anao Shilole, akashangaa staa huyo kujibu kwamba hajazipata wala hajamwona Shilole.

Katikati ya mzozo huo, Shilole alijitetea kwa kusema: Mi namdai rafiki yake fedha yangu ya shoo iliyobaki, kama shilingi laki nane hivi ndiyo maana nikaamua kuzizuia simu za huyu (Q Boy) hadi nimaliziwe pesa yangu.
Hata hivyo, katika sakata hilo ilielezwa kuwa Shilole na Q Boy hawakuwa na makubaliano yoyote kuhusu shoo hiyo na simu hizo hivyo madai ya mwigizaji huyo ni ‘usanii’ tu.

Zogo hilo lilipopamba moto na kuashiria kuvurugika kwa amani, mama mzazi wa Diamond, Sanura Kasim ‘Sandra’ aliamua kuingilia kati na kuagiza suala la kudaiana simu lifanyike kesho yake (Jumamosi) kwa vile siku hiyo haikuwa muafaka.
“Jamani! Jamani! We nani, Shilole na we Majaliwa, naomba kwa leo muepusheni shetani kwani hapa si mahali pake, ila kesho tutaitana na kumaliza suala hili, mimi mwenyewe nitalisimamia,” alisema bi mkubwa huyo na kumaliza henyahenya iliyoibuka.

Jumamosi, mapaparazi wetu walifuatilia ishu hiyo nyumbani kwa akina Diamond na kuulizia ili kujua kama kikao cha usuluhishi kilifanyika kama mama Nasibu alivyoagiza.
“Mh! Sijaona kikao chochote, kwanza Shilole mwenyewe akipigiwa simu hapokei,” alisema ndugu mmoja wa Diamond huku akiomba hifadhi ya jina lake.

Juzi, Diamond alipopigiwa simu na kuulizwa kama anaijua ishu ya simu, alikubali.
Staa huyo alisema anashindwa kuingilia kati sakata hilo kwa sababu wahusika wote ni watu wake wa karibu kikazi.
“Yeah! Ishu ni kweli ipo, lakini mimi nilijiweka kando mapema, nikamwambia dogo (Q Boy) afuatilie mwenyewe baada ya kuona Shilole haeleweki.
“Unajua Shilole ni mwanamuziki mwenzangu, dogo yupo ndani ya Kampuni ya Wasafi Entertainment (ya Diamond), sasa kukomaa na ishu za simu tu nahisi itanishushia hadhi, napiga shoo za hela nyingi halafu leo nakomaa kwa hela ndogo, inakuwa siyo,” alisema Diamond.

Baada ya kuzungumza na Diamond, Shilole alipigiwa simu na kuomba kufafanua kwa undani ishu hiyo ambapo katika hali isiyotarajiwa, alimlalamikia paparazi wetu akidai anapendelea katika sakata hilo.
“Nyiye mnamtetea tu yule dogo, mimi sina tatizo, kama rafiki yake (aliyemuitia shoo Afrika Kusini) akinilipa hela yangu nawapa simu zao,” alisema Shilole.
Msanii huyo alikwenda mbele zaidi kwa kumwambia paparazi kuwa atatia timu kwenye Ofisi za Global Publishers ili kuzungumzia suala hilo na viongozi.
Baadaye Shilole alifika ofisini kwetu na kufafanua juu ya sakata hilo ambapo alirudia kukiri kuzuia simu hizo akidai kwamba anamdai Q Boy hivyo mpaka atakapomlipa ndiyo atampa simu zake.

Kwa upande wake, Q Boy alipozungumza na paparazi wetu siku hiyo alisema amekusudia kwenda kufungua kesi kituoni ili apewe msaada zaidi wa kisheria kwa vile simu hizo zinamuuma hasa ukizingatia kuwa yeye siye aliyempeleka Shilole Afrika Kusini kufanya shoo.
“Mimi leo (Jumatatu) nimebanwa sana, kuna sehemu nakwenda na Diamond, nadhani nitamaliza jioni. Lakini kesho (Jumanne) nitaamkia polisi kufungua kesi nione watanisaidiaje?” alisema Q Boy.

Risasi Mchanganyiko lilizungumza na askari mmoja kutoka Kituo cha Polisi cha Oysterbay na kummegea mtiririko wote, kisha kumuuliza kama kuna kesi ambapo alijibu:
“Japokuwa mimi si msemaji wa jeshi (la polisi), lakini ishu kama hiyo shitaka lake lipo, ni wizi wa kuaminiwa. Unajua wengi wanadhani kuibiwa lazima mtu uwe hujui, lakini mtu akifanya kama hivyo alivyofanya huyo msanii nani sijui (Shilole), kama ni kweli, kosa linakuwa wizi wa kuaminiwa endapo atafikishwa polisi.”

Hata hivyo, baadhi ya watu walioshuhudia sakata hilo walikuwa na maswali kibao yaliyokosa majibu.
Swali la kwanza: Shilole alikwenda kufuturu kwa mwaliko wa Diamond na alijua staa huyo na Q Boy ni wamoja na simu alizopewa ilikuwa amletee msanii huyo, kwa nini alikwenda huku akijua ana msala?
Swali la pili: Kama Shilole alikwenda akijua Q Boy hayupo Bongo, je! Si kwamba ulikuwa mpango wa wawili hao kumwita ili wampe kibano ateme simu zao?
Swali la tatu: Je, ni kweli Shilole alizuia simu ili amaliziwe deni lake kwa mtu aliyemuitia shoo Afrika Kusini au shetani alimwingia baada ya kutua Bongo na kuamua kuzitumia hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa siku hizi mambo ya Instagram ndiyo habari ya mjini?


MWANAMKE anayejulikana kwa jina la Nabii Juliana wa Kanisa la Miracle Assemblies of God, amepigwa na wananchi wenye hasira kali baada ya kudaiwa kuingilia ndoa ya Mchungaji Richard Kiondo.

Tukio hilo la aina yake ambalo lilikusanya umati wa watu, lilitokea hivi karibuni maeneo ya Ukonga Mazizini, jijini Dar ambapo nabii huyo alipigwa hadi kuchaniwa nguo.

Akielezea mkasa huo, mtoto wa mchungaji wa kanisa hilo, Christina Kiondo alisema baba yake alikuwa akishirikiana kwa huduma ya kanisa na Nabii Juliana lakini katika ushirika huo anaamini wawili hao walikuwa na uhusiano usiofaa.

Alisema kisa cha nabii huyo kupigwa, hivi karibuni mwanamke mmoja alikwenda nyumbani kwa Mchungaji Kiondo na kuwaeleza watoto hao kwamba anamdai baba yao shilingi 40,000, kitu ambacho kiliwashitua sana kwa kuwa baba yao anaishi kwa nabii na pia hawakujua fedha hizo alikopa kwa ajili ya familia gani.

Mtoto mkubwa wa mchungaji huyo, alimtuma mdogo wake nyumbani kwa nabii huyo kwa lengo la kwenda kumuita baba yao ili aje kuzungumza na mwanamke huyo.

Ilidaiwa kuwa, mtoto huyo alipofika alikutana na nabii na kumwambia amemfuata baba yake lakini alimfukuza.

“Baadaye alikuja hapa nyumbani na kuanzisha varangati kitu ambacho hakikukubalika kwa majirani kwani tangu siku nyingi wanajua uhusiano wake wa baba.

“Majirani walitoka kwa wingi baada ya kumsikia nabii akitufanyia fujo, walianza kumshushia kipigo mpaka alipokuja kuokolewa na mjumbe wa eneo hili na kupelekwa polisi,” alisema Christina.

Akizungumza na mwandishi wetu, mjumbe wa eneo hilo Joseph John ‘Mzee Kasheshe’ alithibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo ambapo alikiri kutokea kwa tukio hilo.

Kwa upande wake, mke halali wa mchungaji huo ambaye yuko Mbagala kwa matibabu, alisema alizipata taarifa za nabii huyo kupigwa.

Aliongeza kuwa tangu zamani mama huyo alikuwa akienda na mumewe nyumbani hapo akidhani kuwa wote ni watumishi wa Mungu hivyo hakuwahi kuwatilia shaka hadi baadaye sana aliponyetishiwa na watu.

Kufuatia kipigo hicho, Nabii Juliana alipofika polisi alitoa malalamiko yake na kufungua kesi yenye kumbukumbu: MAZ/RB/2246/2013 KUHARIBU MALI.


Mtu mmoja jana alisema sasa hivi wasafiri watokao Tanzania wanakaguliwa kwa makini zaidi ya ilivyokuwa hapo awali kutokana na matukio ya kukamatwa na dawa za kulevya! Hii ni sifa mbaya mno kwa raia na Taifa zima!

Iliyopachikwa hapo chini ni taarifa kutoka kwenye tovuti ya Serikali ya Hong Kong ya Julai 26, 2013

Hong Kong Customs yesterday (July 25) detected three drug trafficking cases, with seizures totally valued at $4.78 million, in the department's escalated anti-narcotics efforts to combat drugs.

     Customs officers at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) intercepted a 26-year-old incoming male passenger arriving from Tanzania for clearance yesterday afternoon and seized 1.6 kilogrammes of heroin concealed in two false compartments of his hand carry briefcase.
The drugs would fetch a value of about $1.28 million.

     Later in the evening, Customs officers at the HKIA intercepted another 45-year-old man from Tanzania for clearance. On suspicion of concealment of drugs inside his body, the suspect was escorted to hospital where he discharged 204 grammes of heroin after staying for one day. The value of the drugs was about $0.16 million. The suspect is still in the hospital.

     In the same evening, Customs officers intercepted a 28-year-old man at a carpark in Tai Kok Tsui. Approximately 2.03 kg of cocaine camouflaged as snacks were found inside a plastic bag carried by him.

     Customs officers later escorted the suspect to a domestic flat nearby for a search and seized 1 kg of cocaine and 290 grammes of crack cocaine there. The total value of the seizure was about $3.34 million.

     A Customs spokesperson said today (July 26) that all three suspects in the three cases were arrested for drug trafficking. The cases are still under investigation.

     Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, drug trafficking is a serious offence. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment and a fine of $5 million.

Ends/Friday, July 26, 2013
Issued at HKT 23:43


DMX's trouble with the law continues. SOURCE reports that the rapper was popped for driving under the influence this morning in South Carolina.

Dark Man X was pulled over at 3 AM this morning. He was arrested and taken to the Greenville County Detention Center. X was charged with DUI and for not having a driver's license.
It's the second time the troubled rapper has been arrested for driving without a license in South Carolina. He was busted in February for the same offence.

After being booked this morning, X bailed out around 4 AM.
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Comment by V.I 9 hours ago
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@Ill Will don't you mean a wrap sheet as long as scottie pippens nose?
Comment by Ari 12 hours ago
this guy is not go any longer, and thats sad to see DMX going down :(
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X is the man. All these f***** rappers can suck his d***
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lol this mother f****** wrap sheet is long as Pippens arms!!! What a serious disappointment...
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south Carolina?
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In other news water is wet!
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Damn yo X in my city going ham homie got bad luck everywhere he go & the bad part about is the cops in my city dont even f*** witcha like dat but I see they did wit X tho...smh