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Monday, September 30, 2013


 Mzee wa Ngololo Ngololo,a.k.a Diamond Platnum akiimba sambamba na mwanamuziki wa bendi ya Sky Light usiku wa jana ndani ya hoteli ya Gold Crest jijini Mwanza.
 Diamond kimapozi zaidi ya kimuziki kwa mashabiki wake.
Diamond akicheza na mashabiki wake mtindo wake mpya wa ngoloo ngoloo. 
 Diamond akiimba huku Mkurugenzi wa Skylight Entertaiment,Sebastian Ndege akionekana kufuria muziki muzuri.
 Baadhi ya Mashabiki wakiburudishwa na mwanamuziki nyota anayetamba kwa sasa kwenye anga ya muziki wa bongofleva,Diamond ndani ya hotel ya Gold Crest usiku wa kuamkia leo jijini Mwanz


0930_jason_derulo_akmgsi2Question: If you were thiiiiis close to being paralyzed after fracturing your neck in a freak accident in 2011 ... and you had to rehab for months to get back to normal ... would you risk it all for a killer physique??
Answer: ABSOLUTELY ... if you're Jason Derulo.
The "Whatcha Say" singer hit up a park in Sydney, Australia this weekend ... and bent over backwards for some kind of a handstand, pushup thing during a topless workout.
As we previously reported, J.D. screwed himself up bad just 2 years ago ... breaking his neck while doing tumbling and acrobatics during rehearsals for his tour.
Clearly, the guy feels confident his body is fully healed.


Jon Connor…it is time. At yesterday’s taping of the annual BET Hip-Hop Awards, the Flint, MI rapper revealed during his cypher freestyle, that he signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records. A couple months ago, he was spotted in the stu with the good Doc. You can hear his full freestyle when the Awards air October 15th.
On a related note, Dre recently pocketed a $500 million investment for Beats by Dre. Fuck rap, you can have it back!




Oprah & Stedman Never Getting Married
They say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!’
Oprah Winfrey and her man Stedman Graham have been together for 27 years and holding each other down longer than most marriages inside and outside the industry, however marriage is not an option for these two.
During her recent sit-down interview with Shaun Robinson of  Access Hollywood, Oprah made it clear that she and Stedman are going to be on that ‘life partner’ status forever…and that’s her final answer.
Will you leave this earth as a never married woman?
That’s your final answer?
*laughs* You’re good. You didn’t just come with no red carpet questions. That’s my final answer. I think it’s really interesting that you would ask it because I thought about it again at Tina Turner’s wedding because Tina [said], ‘Oprah, you need to do this.’ Well it took [her] until 75 to do it. Now you’re telling me I need to do it. I was just thinking, would things really be different? I don’t think so. I think my final answer is I’m gonna leave this earth as a never married woman, and that’s really okay with me. Stedman would tell you Shaun, if you ever interviewed him, he would tell you [that] had we married, we would not be together.
Really? Why is that?
Because he’s a traditional man and this is a very untraditional relationship. I think it’s acceptable as a relationship, but if I had the title ‘wife,’ hmmmm. I think there would be some other expectations of what a wife is and what a wife does. First of all you gotta come home sometimes.*laughs hysterically* I think it’s time for this interview to end.
Ain’t nobody gonna hold it down at home for Oprah like Stedman. Even the best dude out there isn’t built to be with Oprah. He’s been there from the start and has seen her go through almost ever major change in her career. At this point, the ring and title isn’t necessary is it?


Whether it’s her controversial performance at the VMAs or her racy Rolling Stone cover, Miley Cyrus can’t escape the headlines. But on Oct. 8, the spotlight will be on her music with the release of her fourth album Bangerz. The 20-year-old singer completes her transformation from Disney idol to edgy pop star with help from some of hip-hop’s biggest hitmakers.
In addition to the hit singles “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” the star-studded set includes appearances from Britney Spears, Nelly, Future, Big Sean, French Montana, and Ludacris.
The former “Hannah Montana” star assembles an all-star production team of Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell, Sean Garrett, Stacy Barthe, Oren Yoel, and more.
“There are albums that people still are listening to, like Michael Jackson’s Bad, because it’s so fucking dope,” Miley told Rolling Stone. “I want people to listen to my album like that.”
Does Miley have a classic on her hands? Listen to 30-second snippets from the deluxe edition below.
Bangerz Tracklisting
1. “Adore You”
2. “We Can’t Stop”
3. “SMS (Bangerz)” feat. Britney Spears
4. “4X4″ feat. Nelly
5. “My Darlin’” feat. Future
6. “Wrecking Ball
7. “Love, Money, Party” feat. Big Sean
8. “Get It Right”
9. “Drive”
10. “FU” feat. French Montana
11. “Do My Thang”
12. “Maybe You’re Right”
13. “Someone Else”
14. “Rooting for My Baby”
15. “On My Own”
16. “Hands in the Air” feat. Ludacris


Big Sean and Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey gets a blast from the past in the video for “Back From the Dead” co-starring Big Sean and Travis Barker. The singer-songwriter is haunted by a former lover as she walks through a museum filled with dioramas, grizzly bears, and grey wolves in the black-and-white clip.
“‘Back From the Dead’ is a song about somebody coming back into your life that you thought you would never see again and it’s like, what do we do now?” said Skylar.
Big Sean appears to be invisible to Skylar as he delivers his verse with skulls and a skeleton by his side.
“Back From the Dead” is the latest single from Skylar’s album Don’t Look Down, which debuted at No. 8 in July.
Also check out her cover of Daft Punk and Pharrell’s summer smash “Get Lucky.”


Strip clubs and dollar bills. Rihanna takes it from the stage to the pole in the racy video for her Mike Will Made-It-produced single “Pour It Up.”
The Barbados babe shared photos from the set on Instagram. In the revealing pics shot by her BFF Melissa Forde, a wet RiRi smokes a blunt while rocking a short curly blonde wig and purple eyebrows. She also parades in a fishnet dress that leaves little to the imagination.
RiRi posted an audition video from one of the dancers, who shows off her amazing skills on the pole.
Earlier this month, the director Vincent Haycock tweeted that he was no longer involved with the project due to “creative differences.” RiRi shot back, writing, “Just take your name off the check while u at it! Whatever your issue is leave my fans out of it.”
But despite the drama, it looks like the video will finally see the light of day. The singer told a fan on Instagram that it will debut in the next week or so.
Check out more pics from the “Pour It Up” set below.


STAA wa filamu za Kibongo, Nuru Nassoro ‘Nora’ anadaiwa kumzaba makofi mhudumu wa Hoteli ya Lunch Time, Mabibo, Dar aliyetajwa kwa jina la Joyce Mashika.
Joyce Mashika.
Katika tukio hilo lililojiri wiki iliyopita hotelini hapo, ilidaiwa kuwa kisa cha yote hayo ni kufuatia Nora kudaiwa shilingi elfu tatu za Kitanzania, deni aliloliacha kwenye gharama ya hoteli ambapo alitakiwa kulipa shiling elfu 30.
Joyce aliwaambia wanahabari wetu kuwa Nora alifika hotelini hapo, akaomba chumba na alipoambiwa atoe fedha kwanza aliomba udhamini aingie hotelini kisha atalipa mpenzi wake akifika.
Joyce alidai kuwa walichukua muda wa nusu saa kukubaliana naye lakini baadaye walimpigia meneja wa hoteli ambaye alikubali Nora apewe chumba.
Alidai kuwa alipofika mpenzi wake ambaye ni mtu mzima, Nora alilipa shilingi elfu 20 na kuacha deni la shilingi elfu 10 aliahidi kulipa wakati anatoka.

Joyce alidai kuwa usiku Nora aliagiza chakula na wakati anakilipia akampa mhudumu shilingi elfu saba badala ya shilingi elfu 10 ambapo Joyce alizikataa. Baadaye meneja wa hoteli aliagiza zipokelewe.
Mhudumu huyo alidai kuwa asubuhi wakati Nora anaondoka, alimzuia na kumdai ile buku tatu na ndipo staa huyo akamzaba makofi huku akimkaba shingoni.
Joyce alisema aliamua kwenda kumfungulia jalada la kesi katika Kituo cha Polisi cha External, Dar kwa jalada namba RB/10153/2013-SHAMBULIO.
Joyce alisema kuwa alishangaa alipofika polisi alikuta Nora ameshafungua kesi akidai kufanyiwa fujo na kuibiwa fedha shilingi laki sita kwenye gari lake ambapo kesi hiyo ilihamishiwa kituo kikubwa cha Mbezi Kwayusuf, Dar lakini Nora hakutokea akiomba wayamalize mambo hayo.
Nora alipopigiwa simu na gazeti hili alidai kuwa waandishi waandike walichokisikia kutoka kwa Joyce kwani yeye hahitaji kuzungumza chochote.


WAKATI msanii Agness Gerald ‘Masogange’ akisubiriwa kutua Dar baada kumaliza msala wake huko Afrika Kusini, skendo ya baadhi ya wasanii Bongo kuhusishwa na usafirishaji wa madawa ya kulevya ‘unga’, lingine limeibuka ambapo Video Queen Rehema Fabian amekiri kukamatwa nchini China kwa ishu hiyo.

Wiki mbili zilizopita kulizagaa habari kutoka kwa marafiki wa karibu wa Rehema ambao walidai kuwa mshiriki huyo wa Miss Kiswahili 2009 alikamatiwa huko Shaghai baada ya kukutwa na mwanaume aliyekuwa na unga.
Baadhi ya Watanzania waishio China walitofautiana ambapo wakati wengine wakidai kuwa alikamatwa na wapo waliosema kukamatwa kwake kulitokana na kupitiliza muda wa kuishi nchini humo tofauti na viza yake inavyoeleza.
Katika kipindi hicho chote, Ijumaa Wikienda limekuwa likimsaka ambapo wikiendi iliyopita lilifanikiwa kuchati naye ili kupata ukweli wa ‘niuz’ hizo.
Ijumaa Wikienda: Mambo vipi Rehema?

Rehema: Mambo poa tu. Nani mwenzangu?
Ijumaa Wikienda: Unachati na gazeti la Ijumaa Wikienda. Kuna taarifa zimezagaa Bongo kuwa umekamatwa na unga China. Hizi habari zina ukweli?
Rehema: Ni kweli nilikuwa mahabusu. Mateso ya huko wee acha tu. Nilipata kesi lakini si yangu ila namshukuru Mungu nimetoka salama.
Ijumaa Wikienda: Kesi inahusu nini na kama ilikuwa haikuhusu kwa nini ulikamatwa?
Rehema: Nilikamatwa na mtu (hakutaka kumtaja na ni nani kwake) alikuwa na unga, nimekaa mahabusu wiki mbili na siku mbili. Uzuri huyo mtu alikataa mbele ya polisi kuwa hanifahamu na sihusiki ndipo nikaachiwa.


Wakati bado kuna maswali mengi kuhusu magaidi waliohusika na shambulio la Westgate kama kweli waliuawa kama isemavyo taarifa ya serikali ya Kenya, mtandao wa Mirror umetoa taarifa kuhusu tetesi za uwezekano wa magaidi hao kutorokea njia ya maji taka kutoka katika jengo hilo.
Mtandao huo umedai kuwa baadhi ya magaidi walitoroka kupitia njia ya maji taka iliyoko chini ya jengo la Westgate inayoenda kutokea katika mto Nairobi.

Kwa mujibu wa habari hiyo njia hiyo inaanzia eneo la maegesho ya magari katika jengo la Westgate na inaenda moja kwa moja kutokea katikati ya jiji la Nairobi. Magaidi hao wanahofiwa kutumia njia hiyo ya maji taka kutoroka na kuwaacha wengine wakiendelea kushambulia.

Taarifa hiyo inaendelea kudai kuwa wana usalama wanadai kuwa magaidi wa Al-shabaab walisafiri umbali wa nusu maili kwa magoti katika njia hiyo ya chini ya ardhi katika njia ya maji taka.

Chanzo kimoja kilisema “They escaped like sewer rats. The terrorists would have been able to pass through the underground tunnels at a rapid pace and surface almost unnoticed”.

Taarifa hiyo inaendelea kusema kuwa wachunguzi wa Kenya hawakuigundua njia hiyo ya kutorokea mpaka masaa 72 kupita baada ya shambulio kutokea.

Hapa ndipo inapotokea njia hiyo ya maji taka kutoka Westgate hadi katikati ya jiji la Nairobi