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Friday, August 29, 2014

[Exclusive Interview] Remy Ma Dishes On Adjusting To Life As A Wife & Mother Post-Jail Stint .

Remy Ma and papoose
Where’s Mona? ‘Cause this is the real Love & Hip Hop NY.

Since her release from prison earlier this month, Remy Ma has been spotted everywhere, even snagging some prime music features alongside the likes of Swizz Beatz, DJ Khaled, French Montana and others. But aside from the hardcore raps that she’s best known for, who knew there was a softer side of Rem that gushes at the mention of her husband and is willing to offer up life advice at the expense of her own?
Recently we had an intimate sit-down with the Bronx emcee to discuss her life as a wife and and her many lessons on love. Remy, who credits most of her post-jail relevancy to hubby Papoose, claims he held her down in more ways than one (Papoose was even banned from seeing Remy due to a rumored “key smuggling” incident that Remy later cleared up with us).
Peep what Remy had to say was her most profound lesson from jail and the hardest adjustment she’s had to make as a free woman. And although she’s learned a lesson or two on humility, she also breaks down why she’s still the queen of NY.
Peep the highlights below:
On Adjusting to Being a Wife “Outside of Jail”
It’s really different… The whole being a wife thing, it’s new to everyone else but I had to take on that responsibility for the entire time of my incarceration, which is really hard in a way. It’s one thing if you’re home and you see your husband every day and you’re doing whatever wives do, depending on who you are. Cooking, cleaning, making sure the bed stays warm [but] it’s hard to do that from prison. You feel like, ‘Am I giving my 50 percent in the relationship?’ Am I fulfilling what I said I would in my vows?’ So it’s kind of difficult and as a female you feel a little bit [less] every now and then. But I have such a phenomenal husband that makes sure, you know, that I’m good. I’m happy. [He tells me] ‘And I wouldn’t change you for anybody else ever.’ So it’s a good feeling!
On the first thing she did when she got home
I didn’t get as dolled up as I would’ve liked. I just took a shower without shower shoes on. So, that felt good! [laughs] To actually have your foot on the shower floor without having to super germicide it and make sure you’re not touching anything. But the first thing I did, I took a shower. I got dressed. I had my makeup artist come over and he gave me some lashes and lip glosses and stuff like that. And I just told him that I wanted to keep it as regular as possible. I was so used to not having makeup on and being regular that I didn’t want to rush into that. And after he did that, I rushed to the studio four hours after my release.
Have you enjoyed time with your husband?
I have not had time to enjoy time with anybody. I actually had it mapped out. Part of my plan was for the first week to take off that week and to get things situated with the the family. But when I went to the studio the first day that I came home everyone took it as a disclaimer as to, ‘Ok, this must mean she doesn’t want that week off!’
But you have to be glad that people even want you to do certain things. In this industry, it’s so easy to be not important to people anymore. So you have to take it as it comes to you. And I’m not complaining and I’m very happy and I’m content with everything that’s going on. But do know that no one respected my one week off wish. Just wanna put that out there [laughs]
What is the biggest lesson on love that you’ve learned?
The biggest lesson that I can say, one of the biggest because I’ve learned so many lessons, each person has to give and take the same amount. If there is one person that is more dominant, one person that is giving more than the other person, one person taking more than the other person, it’s not gonna work. It has to literally be 50-50. If not, one may start feeling unappreciated, the other might feel like they’re doing all the work, etc.
I personally think it works well when everyone comes to the table with 100 percent but contribute 50-50 and it’s a give and take on everything.
And you can say you have that in your marriage now?
I definitely have that. And I’m very grateful for that because I don’t think a lot of people probably will ever experience what I have [with Papoose]. Knowing that no matter what, you have somebody that will ride for you and is going to be on your side regardless of anything. And that’s just a good feeling knowing that you can depend on somebody. Not because you’re paying them or because they’re getting fame. Just because they’d genuinely do it and they genuinely love you with all that they have. And when you’re getting that back- there’s nothing like it.
How has being married changed you as an artist and as a woman?
I don’t think it’s changed me much as a woman. I might be a little bit more competitive because I have this A-to-Z alphabetical slaughter guy (Papoose) sitting in my house all day. So I might have to go a little bit harder in certain situations. But as a woman, I guess I have more responsibilities [for] one. You can’t just be moving around crazy because anything I do could reflect on him and make him look a certain way and I would never want to do anything that could harm him or hurt him.
On How Papoose Held Her Down
Besides physically being there, it’s a lot of times where you can’t do anything without someone else doing it for you. If you need food, someone has to go to the supermarket, get it and bring it to you. If you need soap, deodorant, anything that you would need just to survive on a day to day basis, someone has to do it. [My husband] never was like, ‘I need X-Y-Z if you want me to do that.’ Financially he was there. Physically he was there. And also emotionally because you’re traumatized!
When I tell you it’s a very traumatizing situation. Being away from your child. Being away from your parents. And just having to be in the situation that led you to where you are. And to have someone tell you: ‘It’s alright. You will get through this. You’ll be ok, it’s not the end of the world. And you’re still loved and God loves you.’ Like, you need that sometimes. Whether you know it or think you know it.
To have someone tell you it verbally. And not only tell you [but] show you in their actions, it’s like nothing else. Days I was just cried out or super angry, he was there.
On The Rumors that Papoose Tried to Smuggle a Key in During a Visit
That never happened. There was never no key incident. You know how you like, have skeleton keys that are on your keys? It had always been there when he came to visit me. And it just so happen that this one particular time that someone wanted to make a big deal out of it. First of all, I was never even handcuffed on the inside so what would I do with a handcuffs key?
First of all, he would never even do anything that he thinks would jeopardize me and get me into any other trouble than I was already into. So that was totally a false statement. And though he was banned for six months at Rikers Island, when I was transported form Rikers Island jail to Bedford Hills prison, we had actually been given a letter that he was banned from seeing me indefinitely.
So, just getting there and receiving this paper and me thinking that I have to do- until otherwise- eight years and not be able to see my husband, that was devastating. But once again, by the grace of God, after about three months, and us constantly writing and inquiring with lawyers, and just getting the paperwork situated, I was able to see him after three months. But when I got to Bedford and we received that letter that said he could not see me infinitely, that was crazy. And I’m happy that we were able to get through that!
On who else visited her in jail:
It’s a huge list. There were a lot of people. My brothers. My sisters. My friends. There were so many people. I even had people that I didn’t even know that just showed up and I’d come down [to visitation] thinking that ,’Oh, maybe my brother popped up today,’ or something and I’d get to the table… and I’m like, ‘Uh, who are you?”

‘I’m just a really big fan and just wanted to come see you,’ and I’m like, ‘Ok, this is creepy.’ There is no list! A lot of people think that you have to have a pre-made list [to approve visitors] but you really don’t. Anybody really can just come up there. So you know, I’d appreciate it but…. (cuts off into story)-
One time this one girl, she lived all the way in Texas, and I was like, ‘Ok, I really want to leave right now because I’m really uncomfortable. But I feel bad because you came all the way from where you came from.’ And she was like, ‘I’m such a big fan. And I just wanted to come and show my support.’
It’s crazy because I actually ended up staying on the visit with her. She’s like really, really cool and had love for me and respect but it’s just weird. I don’t know. I can’t explain how weird it is sometimes.
Say if you’re at home and someone just came to your house with a basket and a pie like, ‘Oh, I see your pictures online, and I really like you and I just want to let you know that,’ You’d be like, ‘What?!’ So that’s how I felt. It’s flattering but at the same time I was thinking, ‘Ok, do I have to really be more cautious?’
On the Hardest Adjustment Since Returning Home
Just getting to know certain family members and certain friends. It’s different when you’re talking to them on the phone or they come to see you on a visit for a couple of hours. But you don’t get to see the actual personality of somebody.
Like for instance, my son is probably like the biggest one that is so shocking. When I left, he was seven years old. He’s 14 now. And he’s a totally different person. And I saw him throughout my entire incarceration but when he’s actually in the house and I watch him from waking up to when he goes to bed at night, I’m like ‘Whoa, I have to get to know this new person that’s in my house. Like, who is this guy? Who is he?’ I think that’s probably the hardest thing because when I look at it like that, I have to think about all the time that I’ve missed. I missed this evolution that brought him from point ‘A’ to where he is now. That’s probably like the hardest thing. Because it’s hurtful.
Why do you think there has been as much anticipation for your return to music?
I do believe that I had a super cheerleader in my husband. And he made sure people did keep my name on their lips. And my story wasn’t done yet. God didn’t want my story to end the way people thought it would end. Or the way people were hoping it would end…

Like when I left, I was in the middle of doing my album, doing the tour for my album, signing a new record deal and just putting out music. So it wasn’t like I left on a low note. I left in the middle of doing everything I had dreamed about for years.
I think people wanted to probably see how my story would need. So that might explain some of the anticipation on my behalf.
On What Makes Her the “Queen of NY.”
When I initially started saying that years ago, it’s because I sat down and I realized I’ve lived in every single borough. Even Staten Island- no offense-but Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx. I’ve lived in every borough. So I really run New York, like I’ve been in every single area.
But when I’m on my ‘Remy Ma’ wave, and [saying] ‘The Ruler’s Back,’ it’s like, why would I say, ‘The second person in command is back? Third person. 1 out of 3, you take your pick and you tell me which one you think I should be?’ No! Of course I’ma say, ‘That’s me.’ That throne, that crown- that’s me! And anybody feel some type of way in this hip hop thing- it’s cool to be competitive. Alright, prove me wrong. Don’t talk about it. Like, let me hear it. Lay it down.
But at the same time, you don’t have to be so petty and so catty to personally attack any one individual. Because that just makes you corny. And it might- the old me- it might have got you beat up. But the new me, I’m just like, “A’ight.’ [big smile].

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