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Monday, July 13, 2015

Shocking moment female weightlifter collapsed as she tried to lift 233lbs.

Woman collapses weightlifting at the Pan Am Games in Oshawa
A Venezuelan weightlifter missed an attempt on the clean & jerk Sunday at the Pan Am Games and fell to the ground -- but still managed to snag a silver medal. 20-year-old Genesis Rodriguez Gomez competed in the women's 53kg Group A at the competition, which is being held in Oshawa, Ontario. She missed her first attempt on the clean and jerk at 106kg. Rodriguez raised the bar to her shoulders and paused before raising it over her head. However, she collapsed onto the platform and the bar fell behind her. Rodriguez later completed her second attempt at the same weight, as well as her third and final clean and jerk at 109kg. She finished in second place.

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