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Monday, September 8, 2014

New Couple Alert: Alicia Jammer and Slim Thug

I’m sure you’re wondering who in the HECK is Alicia Jammer, well has the tea for ya! Alicia is the ex-wife of Quentin Jammer of the Denver Broncos, who was featured on E! True Hollywood Story “Football Wives.”
From what I know Alicia dumped Quention to allegedly hook up with Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans. Other reports say Quentin was the one who called for the divorce.
Looks like Alicia is done with athletes and has moved on to the hip hop community dating Slim Thug.
Well Alicia has moved on from being broke and dating a man who is paid. Slim and Alicia have been dating since early this year. I’m most surprised Slim got a mature, black woman, to be honest but they both look genuinely happy together, don’t you think??

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