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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Juvenile Returns To Cash Money Records. Plans On "Retiring" There (Video)

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At one point it appeared that a reconciliation between Birdman and Juvenile would be unthinkable. After a successful run as a member of the Hot Boys and as a solo artist, Juvie left the label in 2001 in a dispute over money.
The rapper briefly returned to release the 2003 album, Juvie the Great, before leaving again for Atlantic Records.
But time can heal a lot of wounds and Juvie is now back in the fold for the long haul.
“It’s already done, I signed the paperwork,” Juvenile told Rob Markman of MTV News during a recent interview “I’m signed back, Rich Gang, I’m getting ready to get my little tattoo and everything, it’s all love, I’m back. Man, I plan on retiring here. You start where you finish — I ain’t going no where, I’m here."

A London on da Beat-produced collaboration between Drake and Juvie has already been recorded. Expect to heat that soon.

“Even though we through what we been through, we’re older now… we’re grown. We all spoke, we always spoke, Wayne did music with him,” Birdman added. “I just feel like the time is right, I had him in the studio and I think he got the right records. I really know how focused he is with his craft, he ain’t lost that, he can rap his a** off.”

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