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Monday, October 27, 2014

Video: Drake Spotted Storming Into A Club MAD [+ Listen To 'Heat Of The Moment']

Drake Stadium Drake Stadium
Drake, what are you doing? And where are you going?
Those were the questions of the hour last night when Drizzy dropped a few stacks of money on the ground and went storming into Club Stadium in DC. According to video footage that surfaced, it looks like at least 4-5 people to try to run Drizzy down and hold him back as he made his way inside the strip club to allegedly approach someone. No one really knows what went down but we can imagine security put out the fire inside and he reemerged unscathed moments later.
It’s crazy what you’d do in the heat of a moment.
Update: According to the rumor mill, some associates of Tyga attempted to jump Drake’s DJ and one of his best friends, Future The Prince, which is why Drake went running into the club like that.
Catch video below:

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