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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rihanna’s New Fragrance ‘Rogue Man’ Sells Out In Minutes

rihanna rogue man thatgrapejuice 600x801 Rihannas New Fragrance Rogue Man Sells Out In Minutes
Rihanna may struggle to sell albums, but she’s proving herself a formidable force on the branding front.
For, today saw the launch of her first male fragrance ‘Rogue Man’, which is being snapped up by shoppers at a feverish rate.
Details below…

Despite retailing at an eyebrow-raising $69.00 for medium-sized bottle, the scent sold-out within minutes of going on-sale today on the website of department store giant Macy’s.
It’s imperative to highlight that this came after the 26-year-old tweeted the purchase link to her 37 million followers on Twitter. And with Macy’s now shipping internationally, it offers a high percentage of said follower count the ability to buy – something not routine for Stateside stores online.
Still, it’s a commendable feat for a star whose abilities are still being questioned almost ten years into her career. Indeed, whichever way it’s diced, sliced, or spiced, Ms. Fenty is making major bank.
If only the extra coins she’s collecting could buy her some talent.

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