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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fantasia’s Rumored Husband Gets Her Name Tattooed On His Chest

Kendall's Fantasia tat (1)
Now, we know it’s real!
Getting a tattoo of your boo’s name or face spells death can sometimes put a spell on the relationship. So far that’s come true for Nas and Kelis, Wiz and Amber, and Mariah and Nick. But we definitely hope that won’t be the case for Fantasia and her rumored husband, Kendall Taylor.
Sunday night, Fantasia’s man let the singer know that his love for her was real by getting a tattoo of her name tattooed right on his chest. The huge piece also serves as notice that the COO is also the singer’s protector because her name is actually part of a larger piece. Covering his entire left pectoral and shoulder is a tattoo of a suite of armor which has Fanny’s name inked right in the middle.
Fantasia shared [and deleted] the artwork on her Instagram, with the caption:
Loyalty does not come Cheap!!!”
She also confirmed that she has an amazing relationship with her ex Antwaun Cook when she posted a photo of their son Dallas (who is too damn cute by the way) with Antwaun’s other kids and captioned it:
Dallas and His Brothers.. He Loves Spending time with them.. I Thank God For The Growth and The Great Relationship I have with His Stepmom and Dad.. Growth and change… ❤️
It’s been a rocky road but it looks as though everyone has moved on and the drama is way behind them. Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.29.19 AM
Fantasia tattoo shop (2)
Kendall's Fantasia tat (2)

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