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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NBA: Scandalous… Did Iggy Azalea Steal Nick Young From His Girlfriend/Babymother?

Lakers baller Nick Young and his rapper boo Iggy Azalea seem very much in love but was their union started on some scandalous terms?  Well someone says Iggy swiped Nick while he was still with his babymother at the time.

According to a tipster, we received this interesting tidbit regarding Lakers Nick Young and his pop star girlfriend Iggy Azalea.  The deal we’re hearing is that Iggy practically stole Nick from his longtime girlfriend and baby mama.  “Nick was living with his child’s mother Keona when he supposedly started dating Iggy, that piece of trash.” The insider continued, “Iggy knew that he was with his child’s mother at the time, because Keona called her up and told her to stay away from Nick . . . but that Iggy told Keona that she could see Nick if she wanted to.”  “It’s really sad because Keona was with Nick when he wasn’t very famous. He was going from team to team and nobody knew who he was. It wasn’t until he became Swaggy P that he got the attention of Iggy” said our tipster.
I’m not sure how true this is because I remember following Nick on Twitter at the time he was wooing Iggy, constantly professing his crush on her and making her his WCW in attempts to get her attention.  So if he was heavily involved with Keona at the time, he sure wasn’t acting like it and she must have known that it was over.
Whatever the case may be, Nick and Iggy seem really happy and it doesn’t look like they’ll be breaking up any time soon regardless of how they got together.

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