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Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Model Files Police Report Against Drake

Shaye G Drake
Well if it’s one thing we’ve learned about Drake this week, it is that he loves Internet models, exotic dancers and most of all, he loves his women quiet.
A few days after popular Houston stripper Jhonni Blaze alleged that Drake threatened her and sent goons to her house after their weekend tryst, another vixen (originally from Houston), has come forward and said that she too was threatened by the rapper.
And just like Jhonni, she has also contacted the authorities.
Arizona-based Internet model Shaye G says Drake sent her some menacing texts last weekend after she posted pics of the expensive designer handbags he bought her. Allegedly, one of the captions for the pics was something to the effect of, “Like this if you got one of these too.” Drake was not happy.
Shaye, who’s been linked to the rapper as early as April 2014, says one of the threatening texts he sent her was that if he ever caught her anywhere, she was going to “get run up outta there.” Shaye was so shook, she got her father involved, who ultimately had to tell Drizzy to back off!
Earlier this week, when the Jhonni Blaze situation first exploded, Shaye forewarned that she was going to be the next person to contact authorities:
Jhonni not the only one who got threatened. Only difference is buddy can’t get me fired from my job. Lol and ShayeG fears no man. “Run Up.”
I wish somebody would try to come knock on my door
And because of the Jhonni Blaze situation, Shaye went to Arizona police earlier this week to report the threats. Police are currently investigating.
Meanwhile, Drake is somewhere on an island, lamped up with his new chick, Lira Galore. The ex-stripper and current ‘net model was chosen by the rapper to join him for a relaxing vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Martin.
Drake adn Lira Galore 2
Drake and Lira Galore 4
We know one thing for sure, when Drake’s not in the studio, he’s probably sliding in some stripper or model’s DM.
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.41.16 AM

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