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Monday, October 13, 2014

Drake Spotted Out With Lira Galore, Denies Dating Her

Drake and Lira Galore (1)
Strippers and Internet models looking to come up off Drake may still have a fighting chance. That’s because the rapper is somewhat denying he’s dating model/exotic dancer Lira Galore.
The e-streets were abuzz last week with talks of Drake and Lira being an item after Lira began posting half-naked selfies from Drake’s bathroom, dinner pics and St. Martin vacation pics. But according to Drake and despite the picture above, Lira’s just a tax write-off.
The rapper explained on his Instagram yesterday that he’s not in St. Martin for some “romantic sh-t,” but to shoot a video for his rapper friend, P Reign.
Out here directing a video for my brother who I’ve watched grow for YEARS @preignking. He’s always looked out for me and it’s an honor to be able to do the same. #MakingHardWorkLookEasy #RepsUp #OVO #NotHereOnSomeRomanticShit #ChampagneBubblaz
Lira may also have not been the only chick to get a golden ticket. Going by this caption, Bow Wow’s ex Ayisha Diaz is also on the island with Drake shooting a video:
DNF video @preignking @champagnepapi@ayishadiaz0 @lira_galore#NoVacationEvenOnVacation
All work and no play?
Last week, after photos of Lira and Drake dining in the same location made their way online, Jhonni Blaze (who works at the same strip club as Lira) filed a police report claiming that Drake threatened her over texts after they had a weekend tryst. She also leaked a few texts that showed that she had a disagreement with Drake over him flying Lira out to Toronto.
Drake's text exchange with Jhonni Blaze 4 Drake texts to Jhonni Blaze
[Screenshots Baller Alert]
Days later, Internet model Shaye G, also filed a report claiming she too was threatened by Drake after she posted photos of some bags he bought her on the ‘gram.
He hasn’t been charged of any wrongdoing in either incident as of yet.
Until proven otherwise, it seems as though his relationship with Lira may be strictly business.

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