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Saturday, October 11, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Iggy Azalea loses her cool & attacks a photog, after being snapped in a LA grocery store.

iggy azalea that grape juice fancy 2014 600x337 Must See: Iggy Azalea Attacks Photographer / Tells Him She Hopes He Has Ebola
Her fans may adore her cool, calm and collected personality, but it would seem there is far more to Rap royal Iggy Azalea than meets the eye.
For, after being stalked and provoked by a photographer hoping to catch a snap of the chart-slaying star in a grocery store, she and a close friend were pushed to the edge and found themselves flaunting an uglier side to their personalities.
How ugly? Well, try said friend spitting on him and Iggy telling him she hopes he dies from the Ebola virus on for size.
Unfortunately for her, the drama didn’t end there,  for it wasn’t long before the out of line pap worked the last of the star’s nerves, leading her to charge at him with her shopping cart.
The usually graceful Iggy as you’ve never seen her, below…

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