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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Former Fugees Rapper Pras Files $30 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against The N.Y. Post Over Story He Bailed On 9/11 Benefit Show

Pras is taking legal action against the New York Post over what he calls "reckless reporting."
At issue is an article published by the Post on Sunday, October 5, alleging Pras, real name Prakazrel Samuel Michel, bailed on a September 11, 2014 show in New York City for his Hope for Them foundation. The story also claims the 41-year old former member of The Fugees falsely claimed MTV was sponsoring the event and that he bounced a check to the venue it was being held at.

Pras told the New York Daily News Confidenti@l that the story is completely false. He says he was on the West Coast on the day of the 9/11 show after returning from overseas.
“I was in L.A. when this event happened,” Pras told Confidenti@l. “I’d just come back from North Korea."
The rapper added that the Post didn't bother to fact check their article before publishing. The fallout from it has forced him to seek counseling.
“When you talk about charity, that is serious,” he said. “I have to litigate. You are provoking a specific emotion when you invoke 9/11. I’m going to see a therapist about this. I’m traumatized. And I’ve never seen a therapist in my life.”
He has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Post seeking $30 million in damages.

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