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Sunday, October 5, 2014

It’s Over: Althea and Benzino Break Up!

Thanks to my girl over at who’s giving us the tea on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality stars Benzino and Althea.
Looks like it’s over for the lovebirds, and the duplicates of  Stevie J and Joseline. Well about an two hours ago Thi, Thi announced on Instagram that she is “SINGLE”… Untitled
So are you surprised, or what??….well I’m not!  But I’ve noticed Benzino hasn’t said anything about it, because you know he does it. He’d be all over the internet pouring his heart out talking bout how good guys can’t win. Well let’s watch next season, I’m willing to bet Benzino will be head over heels in love with another woman, I mean even Ray Charles saw this coming… Joseline laughs..

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