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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Omarion Explains Why He Doesn’t Get Involved Between His Mother And His Girlfriend Fueding

If you’ve been keeping up with VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Omarion has been caught in middle of his mother, Leslie Burrell, and girlfriend, Apryl Jones, feuding. There has been a power struggle amongst these two women, and Omarion explains how he deals with the drama brewing between the two most important women in his life.
The couple recently sat down with HipHollywood, and spoke about they both deal with the family drama. Omarion’s approach? “Go far away from it.”
“I think ultimately, my mom wants the best and I think that [Apryl] can recognize that, you know, regardless of how she deals with it. I try to not stand in the middle, I try to … go far away from it.” Omarion told HipHollywood. “They’re intense, you know, I’m intense and its just a whole bunch of intense stuff going on.”
“He has a lot of intense women in his life,” Apryl agreed. “He can’t date anyone that’s not strong either.”
Omarion definitely thinks Apryl can hold her own against his mother too. “If you going to be with the fam, you’ve got to be able to handle your own … and [Apryl] can handle her own.”
Watch Omarion and Apryl explain how they deal with family drama below.

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