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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tina Knowles Talks About Life, Her Divorce From Matthew Knowles at Women’s Conference

Tina Knowles, rarely discusses her personal life publicly.


Yet, as the keynote speaker for the Women & Money leadership luncheon hosted by the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation on Thursday at the JW Marriott Galleria, Knowles spoke from the heart about life and love.

“I’ve never done keynote speaking,” she said. “I get a lot of offers to speak and I turn them all down. I feel like I can talk about my accolades in terms of business, but people know them. It’s more important to give a message of hope that you can get through the tough times.”

Knowles told her story of growing up poor, the youngest five in Galveston and attending Catholic school, where she and her siblings were treated like “indigent servants.” Her parents couldn’t afford the tuition and bartered services to cover the costs. Knowles and her siblings endured constant ridicule from the school’s staff.

Losing her parents around the time that she got married and being dealt the blow of divorcing Matthew Knowles at 58-years-old.

“At 58, I knew I had to get a divorce,” Tina revealed. “At that age, it’s an almost impossible thing to go through. I had been married 33 years. I didn’t know anything else.”

Although they split, she revealed that Matthew is STILL her family and he even gets along with her current beau, actor Richard T. Lawson – whom she couldn’t stop gushing about.

“It’s been a year and five months, and I’m in a wonderful relationship and the happiest I’ve been in a long time,” gushed Tina.

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