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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are Elle Varner & K. Michelle Friends Again?!

I’m glad that two grown ladies are able to kiss and make up, despite their past differences. After K. Michelle voiced her disdain – something that’s recurring with K – at the time for Elle Varner, the two have laid back from each other.
During the dispute, Elle took the high road pretty much saying that the drama is not for her. K. Michelle is now doing the same thing.
Hit the jump for the details.

JaaiR (JR) Twitter | Instagram
Elle has recently released the visual for, “F**k it All,” which shows hee lying a** boyfriend actin’ up. Elle, in the video says to hell with it and keeps on doing her. K. Michelle posted a still of the video and let’s the world know that she still believes her friend has talent – she’s over the drama.
K. says:
“We may fuss and fight, but in the end I truly love her and wish her well. This girl is talented and This video is fucking amaze balls. Go check it out today. #Salute #love @ellevarner”
Elle responds:
“I appreciate this. I wish you the best as well.”
You go girls!

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