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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Juicy J Being Sued For Copyright Infringement For, “Bandz A Make Her Dance”!!?!

Bandz_Juicy_J_Lawsuit_ifwt 3
Bandz will really make you dance if you have a lawsuit filed against you. Mahad Dar and a company by the name of Creative Dream Productions wants all green everything from Juicy J and Columbia Records in connection with the stripper’s anthem, “Bandz A Make Her Dance“.
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Now, back in August of 2012 when Juicy J was looking to tape the visual for “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” he called on Creative Dream Productions and requested that everything get done in two days – yes, two days – the nerve. Any who, the production company who specializes in creating masterful behind-the-scene footage hopped on it. They claim to have gotten everything from the location and trailers to insurance for the shoot.
Shortly there after making some agreements with the venues and trailer people, Weezy F. Baby called the company to tell them that he can’t make it. CDP says that an hour later, Lil Wayne called back to say that he will make it, but by that time, they’d lost the location. An HOUR later? Yeah sure…
All-in-all, the shoot happened, but Dar would remain in sole control of the product until he was paid. He was never paid, but the video was still released. He’s looking to collect his funds now. Dar is suing Juicy J for copyright infringement, stating that the video got over 34MiL views on YouTube

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