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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Musiq Soulchild Explains His New Alter Ego ‘The Husel,’ And New Style Of Music

The Husel
When Musiq Soulchild re-introduced himself to us as an auto-tuning, rapping singer by the name of The Husel, we thought he was trolling the industry. But as his interview at Power 105.1FM this morning points out, the artist formerly known as Musiq is as serious as a heart attack.
The Philly native revealed to The Breakfast Club Morning Show that he didn’t switch his style up because R&B is struggling, nor did he do it because he’s now a part of the Illuminati. He’s genuinely expressing himself in a whole new way. He also explains that his new moniker is actually a state of mind and about him creating music that he wants to serve as a soundtrack for people who are on their grind.
Although some fans are a little disappointed with his new direction, the 37-year-old says while he’s appreciative of them, he’s trying to start a new lane after being told by labels to stay in the same lane he’s been in for over a decade.
Check out the exchange between Musiq and The Breakfast Club below:

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